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    Just tell them your name at registration & they should have an envelope with your rally package.


    ……….. thanks *SHAG*……. keep yr eyes out for a YB R1100RL,
    black with a pair of hellas and a pair of KCs & i’ll buy you a beer>
    … the GraWun… 053007…. I fvound da pay-pah. 🙂


    Nah, we doing it different this year. Better and faster. We got smarter.:)

    WE will have a computer printout of all pre-reg and simply look up and mark off your name. [we will also have your reg. form as back up]

    You don’t get a rally pack either. If pre-reg-ed or registering at the gate;
    You get an armband AND a numbered Biltmore pass.
    You then sign a release form and head on out to the campground at Rally Central [about 4 miles from registration], beside a river.:rolleyes:

    All necessary information will be at the Rally Info Center just inside the camping area. Just set up your tents or trailers and wander over to see what’s hapening.:cool:

    Door prizes and rally pins will be given out based on your Biltmore pass number. It also gets you into the House and a lot of other neat things on the grounds.;)

    Ya just better not lose the armband or Biltmore pass.

    Bert Brumfield
    Co-chair registration


    Brother Registrants &/or HighMuckyMucks…..

    …………. how important is it for the old & demented to scrounge around for
    the copy of the confirmed preregistration i printed from the net a couple of
    months ago……will it create a significant p.i.t.a & delay to show up
    without it…….???? The GraWun hates poking around for old paper.

    thanks for yr help. mallory 05 29 07

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