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    I’m planning a solo adventure in a few days and I call this trip
    “Pike’s Peak or Bust!”, Original – huh!

    I am 62 years young, riding a 2008 BMW R1200GS affectionately named Scarface. I have been told (mostly by my nagging brother) that I am too old and my bike is too big to do this kind of trip and that my plan is foolhardy and dangerous to attempt this solo. With that advice, I MUST now do it!

    I will be leaving home in Central Texas and head to the southern end of the Continental Divide Route (CDR) in New Mexico, then proceed north thru the CDR until mid Colorado. I estimate that it will take me about 9 days to make it up that far riding the divide. At that point I will head east and ride to the top of Pike’s Peak! BTW: I am terrified of heights.

    After conquering Pike’s Peak, I plan to visit the historic towns of Cripple Creek and Victor. From Victor, I head to the Royal Gorge by way of the Phantom Canyon trail. I hope to cross the Royal Gorge Bridge after which I begin another cross country endeavor south west to arrive at the Great Sand Dunes by way of the Medano Pass Primitive route.

    If I survive all off this, the rest of the trip is pavement. From the Great Sand Dunes, I will then head to Roswell, New Mexico in search of illegal aliens. Providing I am not abducted at Area 51 – head to the house.

    My schedule right now is to begin this trip next Tuesday or Wednesday (August 17th or 18th). I plan on this trip taking about 2 ½ weeks.

    I will maintain a blog at [url]www.BeemerBob.com[/url] as best as I can. I try to post daily (with pictures), but I suspect cell phone and wi-fi coverage may be scarce in the wilderness, so it may be a while before post are uploaded

    I may try to make some post here on this forum, but the best way to follow would be on the blog. To not miss any of the posts, go to [url]www.BeemerBob.com[/url] and on the right side is an area to subscribe. Once subscribed and you confirm the subscriptions, will we receive my daily post. You can un-subscribe anytime if you get bored with my adventure.
    Beemer Bob’s Tracking and Blog

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