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    I am not sure what to make of this. I think motorcyclist are getting the short end? This is from the Hartford Courant in Connecticut. There goes the ride to work theory to save gas for some.

    A poll attached asking if motorcyclist and scooters should be allowed showed 93% of respondents of over 1000 said yes. One rider on the MOA site said maybe the HD effect with loud pipes might be part of it.

    Can you imagine the echo in a garage with a loud piped HD?

    Anybody run in to this yet?

    “Of the four parking garages operated by the city parking authority, none allows scooters to park there for [B]safety reasons[/B], said Executive Director Jim Kopency, though the MAT Garage on Church Street allows for some non-transferable “grandfather deals.”

    The authority is not alone. Of the 18 or so public and private garages in downtown Hartford, there are others that also restrict scooters and motorcycles.”



    This would be fine with me if the US did what they do in Europe and let motorcycles park pretty much anywhere they can find a space a car can’t get into. This includes parking in areas, out of the main walkway, of a sidewalk.

    Oh yeah, they can lane split too!


    There are no parking garages around me but maybe in my future. I think with the price of gasoline being what it is some garages might loosen up when more people start riding their two wheelers.


    A good riding friend of mine replyed (via email) to the director that was interviewed for that article. Cited the direct contradiction in the mission statement of the company, while excluding motorcycles.

    He received a response, and much to my friends surprise, the response was an invitation to meet and discuss the matter.

    Interesting stuff.


    I don’t ride in the city (Boston) often, but I’ve never had an issue at parking garages….. maybe I’ve been lucky and just picked the right ones?

    In fact, I’ve had attendants steer me toward areas where I could tuck the bike within their eyesight, rather than take up a spot elsewhere…. Nice!

    I agree with BMWPhreak; it’d be nice to be able to park anywhere that you’re not causing an obstruction.


    Moondog, next time you need to be in Hartford, park at the LOB. The gates let through motorcycles w/o having to use a badge to get in 🙂

    When you do, come by and say hi.

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