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    Roy Jackson

    [SIZE=16]Going through my old mags, the number is still 10.[/SIZE]


    Happy Thanksgiving! OTL is going to be published 6 times yearly. If you signed up with 10 issues, your membership will be extended to cover the 10 issues. A message from the RA President George Nyktas will address this in the November issue which is on its way.

    Also, a fabulous article about the long-anticipated Water Boxer for 2013.
    RA VP


    Check out the editorial of the July/August 2012 issue, which is posted for all at

    “Beginning in January 2013, OTL is going to go bi-monthly, sending you six larger magazines per year. You’ll get the same great articles and coverage as always, but in an increased amount. With our skeleton staff at OTL, we just don’t have the people to create this magazine ten times per year. Each issue takes over 120 man hours to put together, that’s three weeks of forty hour stints. Don’t worry, we’ll keep you informed and up to speed and give you big, colorful action photos as well as articles on the interesting machines we encounter.”


    Please notice that, for those who applied for membership or renewed before the announced change in publication rate, your expiration date will be extended, so that those who previously paid for issues under the old publication rate will get the same number of issues under the new publication rate. Since OTL is getting bigger, as Editor Will Guyan noted back in the July/August issue, this is very much a good deal.
    You will be able to check out your expiration date as it are listed on every OTL you receive.
    Secretary, The RA


    I was under the impression that OTL was published 10 times per year. However, on page 4 of the October 2012 issue, at the top, it states that RA membership includes 6 issues annually of OTL. Further down, in the publication notice, it states that OTL “is published monthly, six times per year.” When did the publication cycle change, and how many issues per year do we really get?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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