Old Geezers do Baja

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    The following is a trip report of a trip that my brother (Hap) and I took to Baja.

    Hap, who has now earned the nickname “HapHazard” and myself, Bob (a recent BMW convert), am known as “BeemerBob”.

    Both of us being in our 60’s thought this would be a boring trip report titled “Old Geezers do Baja”. This trip, however, became more interesting than either of us had expected. The planned adventure, turned into more of a mis-adventure, but it was an experience for sure.

    This is a picturesque tale of our venture south of the boarder, broken bones and bike and the challenge of getting an injured rider and disabled bike back home.

    Each time we think that the problems are behind us, new “challenges” present themselves.

    Both of us are home safe. One of us, however, is slightly broken, but will heal. Bones may have been broken, but not spirits. We ain’t dead yet, so we plan to continue adventures.

    This is our story… Hope you enjoy this trip report.

    This report is best viewed at [URL=”http://www.BeemerBob.com”%5Dwww.BeemerBob.com [/URL]

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