October 20th Park ‘N Ride Rally in Southern California

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    Event Date: Saturday, October 20, 2012, CA

    Event Name: Park ‘N Ride Rally
    Sponsoring Club Name: BMW Club of Southern California

    Have you ever thought how cool those Iron Butt type rallies are? Rallies where the goal is not to rack up lots of miles but to acquire the highest number of points. Of course, they get those points by going to places, which are often on opposite sides of the country. Truly an event for iron men on iron mounts.

    Well if your bottom is more akin to cotton candy than cast iron we have a perfect rally for you: The Park ‘N Ride Rally! Designed for the rest of us mere mortals the Park ‘N Ride Rally is an easy to complete day ride to some of the most interesting places in Central and Southern California.

    We’ll have two classes a Novice class where you only have to cover 100 miles and go to 3 bonus locations to be a finisher and an Open class, which is for more experienced rally riders or those who like a challenge. We’ve designed this rally so it won’t matter if you are coming from San Diego, Bakersfield or Santa Barbara. You can start near home and won’t have to travel long distances to complete the rally or be competitive. What we’ve done is adapt the “acquire bonus points” goals of the long distance rally into an easy to complete day ride by setting up a series of bonus locations local to Central and Southern California. No special equipment is needed and any street legal bike or scooter will do just fine.

    So if you’re interested in a bit of a challenge and want to enjoy a great day of riding register at [url]http://parknride.bmwcosc.com[/url]

    Entry Fee: $25 due by October 18, 2012 with discounts for AMA and SCMA members. Preregistration is mandatory. No registration on the day of the event. Open Class prizes are gift certificates of $300, $200, and $100 to the top three finishers.

    Rallymaster: Ellen Welter [email]rallymaster@bmwcosc.com[/email]



    As always, one of the most fun things to do in SoCal, this was my second one.

    Some pics from the day:
    finish line swag

    good turnout

    well-stocked dealer and gracious hosts!

    little tough getting in and out of this one due to traffic.



    Some more rally points:


    lunch with Rally Master, Ellen!

    Santa Paula

    Looking forward to this year’s rally!



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