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    Elwood isn’t able to post to this thread for some reason. Maybe because it’s moderated.


    First attempt to post reply resulted in “invalid thread” response. Trying this separately to see if IT will ‘go’.


    Wondered where you were, Bert. ‘Specially since we’d emailed earlier in the day. Sorry you couldn’t get in; it seemed to go well and, I think, a good bit of understanding of each other, the program, and “what to do next” came of it.

    I can only imagine that, assuming you got the Cogniworld greeting and were prompted to enter the conference ID, that you didn’t enter the ID correctly, with the greatest probability being that you didn’t poke the # key after entering all the other digits?? Everyone else did get in successfully, with the lone exception of Wayne Wright (AZ), who also didn’t make it in. Upon successfully completing the ID entry a ‘ding’ is heard by all and you’re informed you’re being admitted.

    To give you an overview of ‘what happened’: We started with announcing the names of those online and I gave a brief overview of the program’s past, goals and present status. Then, in order of check-in each Rep talked a bit about himself and what he’d found to date in his efforts within his respective Region. Bill Johnston, being the most experienced (so far) was able to describe how he sets up summer campouts, and divides his Ohio Region into five sub-regions for winter restaurant gatherings. Bob Wood talked about web sub-pages for individual Region Reps and how to set them up/modify them, offering his help in doing so (you already know at least the basics). We mentioned getting this forum ‘active’ – and you’re DOING so, without having heard the prompt! We discussed starting a column in OTL for Regions, to announce at least briefly, coming events and reports of past ones (with greater detail being available on each Region’s website; the OTL article serving to remind members to LOOK at their respective Region pages. And we got closer to getting all the zip codes figured out for partial state Regions and request submitted for membership listings. Bob has gotten some out (including yours, I think?) and will be getting the rest in the next few days. After an hour & ten minutes we closed with a general agreement to do another phone conference on an “as may be needed” basis, with no set date.


    Ok, I called the number in Elwood’s email at 8:02 and entered the conference id when asked.

    I redialed twice more to be sure i did it right and never got a response[only music].

    After 35 minutes i hung up.

    What happened Elwood??

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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