No BMW plant tours starting June 1st

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    Just a note.

    If you were planning on touring the Spartanburg BMW plant, about an hours ride from Biltmore, during the Rally you will not be able to.

    Their release

    “Spartanburg, S.C. (5/7/2007) — BMW Manufacturing Co. announced today that it will halt tours of its Spartanburg facility beginning June 1 as the plant prepares for new product production.

    “This is standard operating procedure and is the same action we took when we began working on the Z4 Roadster and the X5 Sports Activity Vehicle,” said Robert Hitt, Department Manager for Public Affairs. ”

    The [URL=””%5DZentrum%5B/URL%5D will be open but no plant tours, unless the RA can make special arrangements.


    It’s well worth the ride down just to see the Zentrum.

    Ed Culberson’s Darien R80G/S is on display, as are about 50 to 70 other important BMW cars and bikes.

    There’s even a coffee bar.

    So, don’t let the plant closing stop you from going. The Zentrum is well worth the trip on it’s own.

    Dean bubba aka bmwloco


    Yea, we were in there last week. they are shutting down the production line to retool for the new Z5 two seater.

    No production, no tours. Only the museum. 😮

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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