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    I just wanted to comment on the May issue’s R1200GS article. I feel Anton’s article was thorough and nicely done. Changes like the new (for the GS) ESA, optional gearbox ratio for the Adventure, along with a revised seat and handlebar were detailed.
    Mentioned was the “more powerful engine” but that all it was, just mentioned. I’d have wished for at least Anton’s seat of the pants comment on it. The good news is it must not have any negative issues.
    To me the best news is the optional lower first gear, only on the Adventure. I’ve felt the too-tall first gear was a problem with the R1150GS and remedied only slightly with the R1200. I could never understand the thinking of [I]not[/I] having a WR (wide ratio) transmission on any “adventure motorcycle”.
    Anton’s comment “I want to emphasize that I’ve found the wonderful qualities of the basic bike to diminish greatly with the addition of a lot of aftermarket ergonomic add-ons” is spot on IMO. That’s why I prefer the lighter GS over the Adventure. It’s hard to resist buying one now. But if (when) BMW makes the lower first gear available in GS I won’t be able to.


    Thanks! I was thinking that the article was kind of short, but I covered the points that I wanted to make.

    About the power, maybe I’m just a fuddy-duddy (!) but the old motor was fine with me. We rode a lot on dirt where you can’t use the extra power anyway, and on pavement I’m more about technique than about blasting around. Of course, passing power is always nice but I don’t think I’d be making passes with a 105hp motor that I wouldn’t attempt with a 100hp motor. Indicated fuel economy wasn’t particularly good but since the conditions were so specific and the computer isn’t necessarily a good indication, I couldn’t really make any meaningful comparison and therefore left that topic out. Don’t know if it’s related to the power or not. If we get a demo bike I’ll go into detail about fuel economy and range, as usual.

    Obviously we feel the same way about the gearing. As for the ergonomics, the stock Adventure ergos are also great. It’s most of the aftermarket stuff that bothers me.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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