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    Steve Page

    Hello Quad Head. I am a new member also. Have been ridding for a while and also a member of MOA. I am also from NC.

    2000 K1200RS


    I joined up a while ago, and have lurked a bit since. Northeast MA here. Year Round Rider – full blown kook. Riding isn’t so much a passion but an addiction that I embrace. I believe that I found the RA Forums while searching the net for BMW tech information…


    3 new members, cool. Hope to see you all at the rally in CO!


    Hey Quad Head – we live in Atlanta, but have a place in WNC that we go to every weekened.

    I think you’ll enjoy the RA and sorry to hear you’re not happy with the MOA. It happens.

    Personally, I like both and do a few things with both.

    Where in NC are you?


    Quad Head

    Been riding for decades, mostly HD’s until I found BMW. On third BMW since 2005. I was lost, now I am found. Have been member of MOA, but they are getting on my bad side these days. I hear good things about this bunch. Looking forward to a long tenure here.

    Quad Head
    05 K1200 LT
    08 R1200 R
    10 R1200 RT

    Roy Jackson

    [SIZE=16]Welcome to the RA Quad Head. I too have been riding for decades and have been to many RA and MOA rallys. Except for the number of venders at the MOA rallies, and being up to 7 times larger, the RA almost always goes to the better sites, except for Vt, and IMHO are alway’s more fun and friendly. The forum is a little slow here on a good day, but thats ok. The MOA can sometimes be hard to visit due to the PC required on some subjects, unless of course the moderators agree with you. Later [/SIZE]


    Welcome from another newbie. Been a member just a couple months or so and have enjoyed reading OTL and very much looking forward to the rally in June.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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