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    Nice to meet you, Jack. Looking forward to actually meeting you this summer. got pics of your bikes? 😀


    Welcome! I’m sure you’ll enjoy our group not only for the rally but also the fantastic monthly magazine. Great articles and photos.


    Yep! Here’s my bikes.

    I bought the K off of E-Bay in 2001; my first bike. She used to have a cool looking Pichler fairing, but I managed to have my very first accident and tore that up. The insurance company waived my deductable and authorized repairs without the hard-to-find Pichler, making her a K100. I’ve put about 70K on my baby since ’01.

    The /5 was purchased last summer for my son, who wanted a classic bike. The /5 was basically abandoned at the shop where I have my K worked on. Some kid brought it in several years ago, and he got it from some lady who sold it to him cheap from a divorce. It hadn’t been on the road since ’91. Wilbur got her roadworthy, but finally had to sue for a machanic’s lein to get the title. He sold her to my son for what he had into her. My boy and I rode our bikes down to Florida to take the /5 home. She ran just fine the whole trip down. But she’s an old gal and was plagued by constant little problems that my son couldn’t keep up with as he is a grad student at FSU. He just wanted to ride, so I made a deal with him to buy the /5 and give him the $$ to buy himself an ’03 F650CS, which he just loves. The /5 is still in Florida; I am planning on making a trip down to bring her home again. I guess the drain plug for the final drive is leaking and needs a helicoil or something.


    Welcome! Nice bikes you have there, hope to see you & at one your beemers at the Rally!


    I have a /5 and love it. I have no idea what bike I’ll ride up to Vermont, but the /5 is a possibility. depends if there will be GS riding.


    My sister rode it down to the Biltmore rally a few years ago, her first-ever MC trip and nearly her first-ever MC ride.


    I’ll ride the K to Vermont. Not even sure I’l have the /5 back home in Indiana by then, but hopefully. The /5 needs alot of TLC before I’d take her on a 1K round-trip ride. The K on the other hand, well, she’s ready to go!

    I wanted the /5 for a project bike. She needs a good restoration mostly. But I’ll ride her to work now and then and that sort of things. But for long trips, it’s the K bike all the way.


    Just joined the RA. Planning on attending the Rally this summer; thought it’d be nice to be a card-carrying RA Member!

    I’ve been riding my ’85 K100usedtobeanRS since 2001. I am buying a ’71 /5 from my son, who now rides an F650CS.

    Hopefully I’ll get to know some of you, but generally I’m one of those guys who reads alot of posts when he has the time, but rarely says much.


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