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    See you there Scott!


    Welcome Scott; Looking forward to the Canaan Valley rally as well. (This will be my second RA rallye). HAve fun. Vaya con Dios, Dutch


    Thanks for the welcomes. I just found out that I have an extra day added onto the rally. I’ll be getting there Wed afternoon instead of Thurs.:D I wonder if there are any spots open to volunteer for registration detail Wed? That way I could put alot of faces to names. Is there a beer tent at the rally? I can always help out there as well.:cool:


    My name is Scott and I live in Pittsburgh. I’ve been riding motorcycles since I was 5 or 6 years old. I just found the RA while reading a post on the Rounders sight. I am a member of the Airheads, Rounders, MOA, 4 Winds BMW club, and the United Side Car Assoc. I have been pretty active on the Rounders sight for almost a year. I have a 1976 R60/6 with a Sputnik side car and a 1989 GSPD. I’ve owned many other bikes over the last 33 years and enjoy riding year round.
    I look forward to the Rally in Canaan Valley. It really is a beautiful area. I’ve hiked and biked there a good bit but, never taken a dirt worthy motorcycle there. I’m hoping there will be some good dual sport rides.
    I look forward to meeting new people and enjoying a weekend of riding and partying. Let me know how I can help out. See you all in a couple weeks!:)
    Here’s a video link of a woods ride for entertainment. [url][/url]

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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