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    Registration closes 5/12/2019

    Visit 4 Stadiums riding the Play Ball 1500 BBG;
    Earn an EggSanity GOLD certificate, and eat at the same time;
    And Visit Joe’s Truck stop and Coffee Pot Inn!

    Joe’s Truck “Stop”
    In 1935 Joe Faulkner built a house on Fifth Street, directly in front of a mountain road. Things were fine until around 1950 when Alabama designated the road State Highway 35, and truckers started using it. The truckers would burn out their brakes on the steep, two-mile mountain pass, and the first year thirteen trucks went through Joe’s yard. He had a row of trees which they took out, one by one. Trucks, several of whose drivers died, spilled such diverse loads as chickens, watermelons, cows, logs, lumber, and steel onto Joe’s yard, porch, and roof. He once had three circus trucks in his yard. In 1959, after various officials failed to make good their promises to remedy the situation, Joe built a four-foot-thick concrete wall reinforced with wire, grader blades, steel pipe, and the chassis from two Dodge trucks. The wall is only about two feet high, so loads still spill into his yard, but trucks have never been able to do anything worse to the wall than knock chunks out of it. In 1989 I went to Fort Payne to see the wall, which local kids have named Joe’s Truck Stop.

    Coffee Pot Topped Building
    A historical marker was added to this site in 2016. It informs us that Eddie Hinnant played a piano on the roof when he tried to break his piano-playing record of 110 continuous hours — but the sign doesn’t say if he succeeded! The marker also clarifies, once and for all, that, yes, this building is a local landmark because there is a coffee pot on top. Who knew?

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