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    Probably going to be a big push for mandatory helmet laws as a quick fix the issue. Based on a quick read & from experience I think the best way to improve rider safety is to ensure new or returning riders have some instruction on safe riding skills (think MSF classes) increase awareness that bikes, scooters and motorcycles are on the road, and increase penalties for drivers who fail to yield right of way to the aforementioned vehicles. Most riders who have had some safety training that I know usually opt to wear safety gear. Training new and returning riders will help prevent a lot of these single vehicle crashes where the rider loses control and crashes.


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    Hey all; I’m afraid that with the huge swing to bikes and scooters that we are seeing right now because of the high fuel costs we will see an increase in these stats. (I was at a local dealer yesterday, and he told me the average time that a streetbike sat in his showroom was down to less the a week!) These folks my be re-enter’s, but most often they are folks who think only of the money they are going to save, NOT the additional danger they are opening themselves up to. I would love to see dealers offer a MSF type course with each bike sold, but I’m afraid that isn’t a viable option. We have several “newbies” at work, and to watch them weave, wonder and skid their way into the plant would bring tears to the eyes of any MSF instructor!! Vaya con Dios, Dutch

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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