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    It even says “BMW” on the side 😀

    Its literally got the BMW G450X motor in it. It keeps the concentric countershaft sprocket. The big differences from the G are a linkage-ed rear suspension and a cradle frame with front downtubes. It uses Kayaba suspension front and back, as opposed to the Ohlins/Marzocci combo on the G. Hydraulic clutch on the Husky :wink



    Its pretty much spelled out here, although This article makes it sound like they’re going to incorporate the concentric countershaft sprocket:


    Munich/Cassinetta. The 2010 season will see BMW Motorrad Motorsport lining up in the E2 class of the FIM Enduro World Championship under the name “BMW Husqvarna Motorsport”. The reason for signing up with the FIM under this new name is to achieve a targeted pooling of off-road racing expertise by the two brands BMW Motorrad and Husqvarna Motorcycles in the area of 450 cc four-stroke engines. The aim is to set up an ideal knowledge transfer through this sporting involvement, while at the same time optimising the team’s performance.

    Rainer Thoma, President and CEO of Husqvarna Motorcycles, explains: “In order to achieve sustainable economic as well as sporting success, it is essential to exploit synergies as best we can. That is why we are now collaborating intensively with our colleagues at BMW Motorrad. We are pooling the enormous expertise of both brands: know-how from BMW Motorrad will flow to Husqvarna and vice-versa.”

    The BMW Husqvarna Motorsport team is set to live up to this target: it will be entering the season with the BMW G 450 X under the team management of Speedbrain. In parallel with this, over the course of the season Husqvarna Motorcycles will be working together with specialists from BMW Motorrad and Speedbrain to develop a machine based on the Husqvarna frame/chassis concept and coupled with the 450 cc four-stroke engine developed by BMW Motorrad. Following extensive trials, the team plans to deploy the motorcycle in the ongoing event.

    BMW Motorrad Motorsport Director Berthold Hauser adds: “Our goal is clear: with the BMW Husqvarna Motorsport team we intend to compete for the title in the E2 class of the 2010 Enduro World Championship. Our E2 class runner-up result in the drivers’ and manufacturers’ championship, our win in the Red Bull Romaniacs and many more triumphs and podium places around the world bear witness to the potential of the BMW G 450 X concept and the team’s outstanding work in the season just past. Our joint involvement in enduro racing now provides the ideal platform on which to test how an authentic Husqvarna with the BMW G 450 X drive concept acquits itself in the competitive arena.”

    Team Husqvarna CH Racing will continue to run in the E1 and E3 class of the FIM Enduro World Championship. The Supermoto and Motocross segments will also remain under the Husqvarna banner.


    May 22 we’re going to find out.


    Chceck out this from Juha Salminen’s website: translated from Finnish:


    Enduro motorcycle racing World Series 2-in class is becoming a priority during the Finnish perspective really interesting, when the species sevenfold champion Juha Salminen is joined by Honda, the last two titles of the smallest class to have exported over Mika Ahola.

    Heck brings a new color of the Finno-Salminen BMW teammate, in a large range previously competed Marko Tarkkala.

    – The finding of a pattern is that the BMW and Husqvarna enduro action is connected, and when my bet is Tarkkalan the second class. At the same time the team will be renamed. S. It is the next season, the BMW Motorsport Husqvarna, Salminen confirms.

    Tarkkalan situation is very recent.

    . – I got only two days ago informed that the next time period, 2-class.

    Technology from BMW and Husqvarna frame

    Salminen and Tarkkala took over last year, BMW ranks, launching wheel of development in practice from the beginning.

    – In recent years work has not gone far away. On the contrary, even if this revenue to the new bike is sort of “hybrid”, now if such a word can be used. . We already have a 450-cc engine there from BMW, Husqvarna and is placed in the future to a new body, “says Salminen.

    Tarkkala confirm the same.

    – We do not need to go into a new bike with far tance. And although the body must therefore from Italy, so we continue to headquarters in Rosenheim, Germany.

    . Salminen and Tarkkala leaving to train in the beginning of February is likely to Italy, where they have access to even the current wheels. Wheels, all of whom moved to brand new technology.

    -. – I do not know yet in detail, when the heads come to Italy, Husqvarna basis for a new malt factory, but I think it is time for industry to be in these keys. While this is possible in this situation that we drive the first World Cup championship in this current pyörällämme yet, says the last two years Right-class offset by the silver medal Salminen.

    World Series, but also the Spanish championship series racing Salminen says that he got the wind of time last summer, so the new design does not come as a surprise to him, certainly not.

    — In the future, everything is reflected in the BMW and Husqvarna enduro in the same house, Salminen stress.

    The eight-week race covering the gear enduro Championship starts 10 to 11. . April in Spain.

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