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    Matt was involved in a motorcycle accident between Kingman and Flagstaff last week. Matt has been a friend to many, many airhead owners and has contributed monthly to the MOA magazine.

    Details of accident.

    Matthew was riding down I-40 east, headed for home. The wind blew him into a concrete highway divider on the side of the road. He slid along that as he tried to slow down. He then hit about fifty feet of open space. At the end of that was a guardrail. He hit the soft (soft being subject to interpretation) end piece. The bike flipped and Matthew was sent hurtling thirty feet through the air to land Face down. He broke four ribs, has a large hemotoma on his upper, inner leg, multiple bruises and adhesions from head to toe. He is in major pain. Our home address is 1129 West Pikes Peak Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80904. The bike is being taken care of. Hope to have him home in a couple of days. Then an EMT friend will take over for a little. Just glad he’s alive. Susanna Parkhouse

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    Thanks for posting this, AZGMAN, Best wished to Matt for a speedy recovery.

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