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    Glad to hear you are OK. I was the guy who stopped and asked why you had an airhead shirt on while you were riding an oil head. :rolleyes: At that point the paramedic and fire dept showed up so I wanted to get out of their way and let them do their job. A speedy recovery to you and, hopefully we’ll see you at the next rally.


    I hadn’t heard! I only got there Thursday evening, though. Had dinner with some Wisconsin folks last night and it seems several Wisconsin people had bad luck this week. One guy posted on the MOA forum about being run off the road at the MOA rally, causing him to skip the Heritage Ride and the RA.

    Glad to hear the folks around you came through. Not a big surprise, but nice to hear anyway. And of course I’m glad you’re not hurt worse.


    Anton, we’ve never met yet, and I was looking forward to the chance of doing so at the rally. Next time, for sure.


    Mark and I are glad that you are doing okay. It always shakes me up a bit when accidents happen. It reminds us that we never know when people we care about will not be here one day. We sure do have a wonderful family of riders that look out for each other.

    Hope to see you in New Glarus this winter (on 4 wheels).
    Mark and Tina


    After you showing me the pics of your bike, well I am very glad you came out of it as you did. I had great hopes of hanging with you but lucky for me as I was checking in, JFSLATER walked up to me and we spent the Rally riding, eating and drinking together.
    Heal up old timer!


    For all those who have not heard, I was the individual who hit the car near the entrance to the park on Wednesday afternoon and was medevac’d out. I’m home now, thanks to so many wonderful people who went ‘way beyond. I’ll not mention names, mostly because I might forget some and don’t wish to offend anybody. But from the organization who got volunteers to come get me and bring me back, to the people who allowed me to stay in their cabin on a bed instead of in my tent, to the kind lady who put her rental car and herself at my disposal and drove me to the airport, THANK YOU all very much! I am deeply humbled by the thoughtfulness and caring everybody showed me.

    As far as I go, the gear did its job. I’m healing from a fractured pelvis and other bumps and bruises. Watch out for those blind hills, along with everything else you watch out for. Now wait for all the other things to happen. I intend to continue riding and get another bike, not sure what yet.

    Again, thanks to all!


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