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    I left my YooPatrol hat at the St. Ignace casino on the way home. Bummer!



    Just got home from a great trip to the Rally. Perfect weather, great people and good fun.
    None of that was spoiled when I got home this afternoon and realized I didn’t have my house & work keys. If anyone by chance found a set of keys with a leather fob (irish symbol), please p.m. me. I was camping at the yooper section and attended the closing ceremony & dinner.



    Hi- I stayed on thru cleanup and didn’t have anyone turn in some keys. Maybe someone else will answer your Forum. Send me your e-mail address to [email][/email] so if MTU contacts me I can find you.

    Rally Chair


    Woodward Steve

    I lost my GS hat with three rally pins on it: RA, 49er and USCA 30th annual. Probably saturday night in the parking lot, but maybe where the band was playing. Please let me know if you found it – I’ll pay shipping to get it back. Thanks!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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