Looking for some cosmetic pieces and parts for my ’95 K1100LT

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    I’m not fussy. My bike’s sun-drenched and not a show-stopper. What I am looking for are purely cosmetic.

    1) I’m looking for a replacement left box cover (and maybe the radio sleeve/insert and the piece to the left) — I was on the highway and the box top popped off (weird) and by the time I looped around, a Suburban crushed it. I recovered the lock, and it works, but I do need the box cover:

    2) I don’t know if it’s worth it, but I am thinking about what to do with the POS gas gauge that’s never worked. Leave it, restore it?

    3) Finally, I have dropped this bike a number of times, just in the parking lot, learning how she worked and the sort of english required to not so much manhandle her as get her to go where I want her to. As a result, I need a left and a right lower fairing. I don’t care what color and they can mismatch. But I would like to replace the trashed panels with some new panels.

    I am keeping my eyes out for them on eBay but maybe you guys have some of this stuff banging around your garbage piles. Ones man’s trash is another man’s brick.


    Might I suggest you remove the panels and repair them.  I have done quite a few over the years and it is not  that hard.  Fiberglass is pretty easy to work with and mistakes can be cured with a good grinder.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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