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    This forum is where all that were part of the Canaan Valley rally organization can post their observations. What we can do better, what we did great, etc.


    Gordan, Who has access to this forum? George


    So, I guess I’ll be the first to add my 2 cents. I felt that the organization was really good this year. Thank you for all your hard work everyone! Nothing that I’m sharing is really an issue.

    First, registration was a bit confused. We didn’t receive our Chicken Run wrist band and had to go back to registration to get it. No biggie.

    Volunteers: Did you have problems getting volunteers? If so, how about a major door prize for one volunteer next year?

    We thought it was a great rally!
    Mark and Tina Doggett:D


    Will you be using separate folders/sections for the respective subject areas on this forum, i.e., Registration, Security, General, Communications, etc.?

    This may make this more manageable rather than dumping everything into one common area. Just a thought.



    Access to this is the same crowd as is on the 09RallyGroup email list (once everyone gets on board). Eight people so far.

    I don’t think there’s a need for subforums. Just start a different thread in this forum for each new area. I can move the old ones to an archive.


    The only problem with volunteers that I could tell from Registration is that it was feast or famine – too many the first full day of the rally and too few later by Friday evening and Saturday.

    Need to consider the likelihood of early arrivals (earlier than actual start of rally) and be prepared with ample volunteers. We had a larger than anticipated number of early arrivals on Wednesday, which was really just for vendor registration. (Largely due to the proximity and timing of the MOA rally.)

    Determine the ideal number of volunteers before the actual rally for each work station, i.e., security, registration, etc. and prepare a schedule as best as possible from the pool. Each of the respective areas should also have a list of the volunteers.

    If possible, have contact number for volunteers.



    Policies and Procedures required for all major functions
    [*]Eagle Store

    Communication – All major functions require a radio
    [*]Eagle Store
    [*]Rally Chairs

    Shower Truck(s)

    – It is critical that sufficient trucks be available to handle the anticipated crowd, along with plans for a backup in the event that the showers prove inadequate as to number or in the event of a failure.

    Porta Johns

    – A formula should be in place for assessing the number of johns required for the anticipated crowd.

    – It is imperative that the vendor be able to be reached in the event these need to be cleaned at any time during the event


    Registration Requirements

    – Minimum two computers with credit card readers (one for each laptop) for charge payments

    – Backup manual credit card swipe machines
    – Credit card forms
    – Minimum of two computers for data entry, if separate data entry for on-site registrants is required
    – On-line connectivity to high speed Internet, modem, switch, etc.
    – Separate cashier for handling checks and cash payments
    – Minimum of nine people be present for all shifts
    – Shifts for volunteers must be clearly defined, i.e., 4 hrs. or longer
    – Copy of volunteer lists for each day should be available at registration
    – Contact numbers for key volunteers should be obtained, if possible
    – Consider simplifying application forms
    – Pre-determine whether Day Passes with be permitted for Saturday
    – No prize tickets for (Saturday) day pass rally participants
    – Trim down supplies and boxes for what will be needed. (Too many boxes, etc. were on-site and only served to make it more difficult to find what was necessary.)
    – Relief shuttles should be made available between hotel, campground, rally central to registration area if these are in separate locations
    – Coffee should be provided by host for registration volunteers and applicants


    so I haven’t participated much here. The Sept OTL is on it’s way and I plan on paying a more attention to this forum. With luck I’ll start posting tonight.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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