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    Kinda curious as to what kind of treatment we can expect to get from law enforcement in Da UP during the rally. We took a family vacation during the 4th of July week in 2005 hitting the Porcupine Mountains and then heading to Mackinaw Island for a couple of days. Extremely high number of police with radars out on the highways and most of the cars we saw pulled over had out of state tags. Sections of the state highways have a slow moving traffic lane periodically which close back down to two lanes after a few miles. A favorite tactic seemed to be for the squads to wait near the end of the stretches where the highway goes back to two lanes and picking off the fast movers. I was piloting the family minivan so we had many chances to watch packs of cars fly by and then see them lined up a few miles later getting ‘awards’. Rarely did we see the cars
    with Michigan tags in those groups & they were well represented in the fast mover packs. Any thoughts on whether rally goers will be getting any special attention?

    Disclaimer: I’m not a speed racer type and in over 33 years driving/riding in the US and Europe I’ve only gotten one ‘go fast award’ given whilst I was passing. I’m also NOT advocating speeding or reckless driving.



    I travel the UP roads several times per year. Would be wise to watch the speed. There is a state road sign when you get on US2 (2 lane state hwy with periodic passing lanes) heading west (after you cross the big mac bridge) stating “this is not a freeway”. Have been many bad (head-on collisions) so state police do patrol and ticket speeders. For the most part Michigan residents understand this and keep it between 60-63. Not sure if they target out-of-staters, but when I travel these roads I do notice most of the cars passing me speeding have out-of-state plates.



    Ya, the State boys up there will get you if’n your speedin’ 🙂 . I When thru the UP on the way to Alaska last summer . We were going 60 or so , a car would pass us up . Then 3-4 miles down the road they would be pulled over . that happend 3-4 times .

    Every time I been to the UP , that is pretty much they way it is up there . It was been that way for years , so don’t be in a hurry . 😎



    I’ve run across da UP, 4 times this Spring without Wisconsin plates, usually 60-70 in a 55 MPH, with radar detector on. No issues, just one drive by warning. No promises but officers seem to be king to Motorcyclists that are speeding but behaving. Michigan is in a financial crisis..so it’s hard to say..do they need budget money thru tickets or want to help promote tourism. You won’t be bored with the scenery, so most won’t be going to fast.



    Thanks for the input. Sounds like there’s heavy enforcement all the time.

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