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    Be sure to visit the Wheels Through Time Museum in Maggie Vally, NC. Maggie Valley is about 15 miles north of Cherokee, NC and this museum, even though it is dedicated to American made bikes, will simply blow you away. I was passing through there this last Sunday morning on my R60 and stopped to look through. Initially I wondered to myself, “what kind of museum can you expect in a tourist town”? I found out quickly just how amazing it is. The owner Dale and all his staff were super friendly. They have over 300 bikes, most of them predating 1950, with 98% of them running. Get there early and ask for Scott, one of the many volunteers that staff the place. He may give you a personal guided tour that will take a couple hours easy (it did for me). The museum is moving to Arizona this winter and November 23 is the last day the doors will be open, so see it soon.

    Dale likes BMW guys…I know because as I pulled up he commented on my /6 and asked about it. As I was getting ready to leave almost three and a half hours after arriving, Dale was sitting out front. I thanked him for having a great place and a great staff and I told him this topped my day. He told me to wait a couple of minutes and he would really cap it off. Out he comes on a 1942 Harley XA (copied from the wartime Beemers) in civilian dress and told me to ride it around the parking lot because he said he knew I would appreciate the layout of the bike and could see I appreciated old iron as he pointed toward my Beemer. I did a few loops around the lot on this once-in-a-lifetime museum piece and it was beyond wonderful to have the opportunity. It seemed you could almost see some of the Harley guys gritting their teeth because this interloper got to ride on this great old war horse. Visit this fantastic museum before it’s gone from the area.


    Is the museum closing? I am planning on going to it in July when I am dow there. Please advise.

    Been to the AMA in Pikerington, The one in Anamosa Iowa, and Barber in Alabama. All Motorcycle Museums are a must do on my travels.


    Yes they are now closed. It’s a real shame. Loved visiting the place. DO NOT SPEND ANY $$ in Maggie Valley. They ran the museum out of town.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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