Keith Code’s 2-Day Camp at Barber Motorsports Park (02-03 June)

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    OTL is going to Keith Code’s California Superbike School 2-Day Camp (02-03 June). Join us there to learn how to handle your motorcycle at speed. If you own a S1000RR, or ever wanted to ride one, this is great opportunity to get to know this fabulous machine intimately.

    Also, you will be riding on a perfectly prepared track carefully laid out in a stunningly landscaped setting. Make sure you arrive a day early so that you can spend plenty of time at one of the world’s finest motorcycle museums.

    Finally, keep an eye open for more info in coming OTL issues. We will also hear from Keith on what is in store. See you there!

    Kent Cook


    I certainly hope we can put something together for RA members / attendees to get on the track for at least a sighting lap of the Barber track.   Some sort of special rates for attendance to a Keith Code school would be an even bigger perk.   The street is no place to explore the potential of a s1000rr.  


    Saddlesore, agree on exploring the limits of hyper sportbikes in the right place…and Barber is a great playground for that machine.  I signed up for 2 days with CSS…no discount, but the CSS team need to make a living too!  Keith was quite generous by offering to provide some basic instruction (I am guessing that it will be similiar to what he provides for the military riders) to our winning raffle ticket holders. Just click on the raffle ticket option when you register.  And good luck.


    Count me in !  The S 1000 RR is without question the perfect bike for events of this type. Thanks to the electronic safety features, Code’s staff reports a huge reduction in track – day crashes and accidents since switching to the BMW.  On a personal level, I have enjoyed many track-days  as a student and subsequently as a coach. It’s addictive. If you have never participated, do yourself a favor and take the plunge. Your bike will show you that you can  master lean angles and corner speeds beyond your wildest imagination. All in a safe environment. Just DO It !  

    Questions?  Ask Kent or me.  

    Erik Munck

    BMW RA Socal Representative.



    I would like to share this information on m,y face book group .


    Share away. Highly recommend Keith’s school. You will definitely come away as a better rider.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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