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    This was noted in another thread:

    01-07-2008, 05:17 PM
    Fritzc Fritzc

    Thumbs up Housing
    I emailed the director of Housing at MTU about housing and dorm rentals.
    Here is the correspondence I received.

    Director of Campus Housing.
    The BMW (motorcycle) Rider’s Association is using the MTU campus for their annual rally on June, 21 through June 22 of 2008. Their will be a lot of tent camping but there have been queries about other places to stay. There are quite a few families that attend these rallies and there have been some have inquired about staying for a week or more to see the sights.
    I was wondering if any housing, dorms or married housing units, would be available for renting on a short term basis. Some University Campuses do allow that so not an unusual request.
    I’m asking not for myself but for others that have inquired. Perhaps it is covered on our web site. Attendees would number 2,000 to probably as many as 4,000.
    Thanks for any information you can give me.
    Fritz in Owosso, Michigan

    Hello Fritz,

    Thank you for your email inquiring about summer housing options at
    Michigan Technological University. We do have apartments and regular
    residence hall rooms available for rent during this time. The cost
    associated is as follows:

    Internet access is available to guests with a valid drivers license or
    passport at the time of check-in. Michigan Tech residence halls are
    smoke-free facilities.

    Regular Room
    single room – rate per night : $28.00
    double room – rate per person per night : $18.50

    Room w/ Private Bath
    single room – rate per night : $36.00
    double room – rate per person per night : $23.00

    Meals are also available in the residence halls.
    $5.95 breakfast
    $6.95 lunch
    $7.95 dinner

    Availability and accommodations vary, please contact my staff at

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions.



    Travis L. Pierce, MPA
    Director, Residential Life
    Michigan Technological University


    01-08-2008, 02:55 PM
    flat_twin flat_twin

    Hi everyone!!,
    I just called Travis at Michigan Tech about the dorm rooms there on campus.
    Travis said he can’t take reservations for the rally until late May. He also said there would not be a problem getting a room as there are over 2200 available! Once his summer staff is in place, he’ll be able to take reservations.


    Roy Jackson

    I hoping more info will be in the next issue of the OTL. Prices sound pretty good though. Should be one good rally. 😀


    I used the contact information given to reserve a room at the University and found it really easy and friendly.
    They will direct you to their web site, you fill out a short questionaire, and you receive your confirmation shortly thereafter. My buddy and I got a deluxe apartment for $59.+change per night; which has private bath, single bed-room and sofa bed in the livingroom, bedding included, and a kitchen. They said they had a couple of these still available.
    I’d say its a hell of a good deal.
    They also have breakfast facilities somewhere on campus, and the rally is on campus as well (if I understand correctly).
    Hope to meet alot of you there.
    Snowed in right now in southern Indiana.
    Madison, IN


    I’ve had some discussion with Travis regarding the housing options during the Rally. The one thing that is clear is that they will not be able to start taking reservations until after the school year or about May 5th.

    If your thinking of considering a “dorm room” option some of the rooms have private baths, but most have access to private shower stalls/toilets at a central location on each floor. Also ALL the dorm rooms have “Lofted” beds. All beds are above your head near the ceiling and accessed by a ladder. So If you need something on the ground, don’t consider a dorm room option when they become available. All these housing options do not include daily cleaning service. You’ll be given towels/bedding that you will be expected to use for your full stay.

    There may be some apartment (multi-person) options available, but they will not know how many until the reservation date.

    During my last visit to Houghton a week ago, I estimate that the Hotels rooms are about 60% booked for our Rally. So If you’d like a room vs camping and don’t like the dorm room options as described, I’d suggest that you reserve a Hotel room. I believe the rates that they are offering are very reasonable for that time of year. I know the one thread discussed the $59.00option. These are available, but there are only 8 or 9 and the price is comparable to many of the Hotels.

    If your willing to wait and give the dorm room option a try, please wait until we provide further information on the website and the OTL magazine, before contacting Michigan Tech.

    Bob Alexander
    (Rally Chair)


    If you do use the dorms, do you have access to dinning faculties in them?


    If you look at the Rally website, MTU will be offering Breakfast and dinner buffets at Wadsworth Dorm and also tickets for “da Yoopers” concert. Meals can be pre-purchased for a $2.00 savings each. These are available to all Rally Goers whether or not you stay in the dorm. Detailed ordering info should be on our website in the next few weeks. See: [url][/url]

    Rally Chair




    … or should we make motel reservations pronto?


    Making college dorm rooms available to RA Rally participants is a fantastic service. Thanks to the rally staff. in contrast virtually all commercial rooms in Gillette, WY were sold out two months before registration opened for the MOA rally and as far as I know, there is no college in the vicinity.


    I talked with Mary at the Michigan Tech Apartments today (906-487-2727) and the deluxe apartments are all taken. They have one studio left with a Futon, TV, wireless, bed linens and towels. It is 59 and change. They have plenty of basic apartments available. They have no AC and do not come with bed linens or towels. The one bedrooms with two twin beds are $40 and the 2 bedrooms are $55.

    I then talked with Lisa at 906-487-2687 regarding the residence hall rooms. They are not available for reservations until the first week of May. She asked that I call back at that time.


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