is it wrong to have two awesome sidecars?

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    Hi Jack, after seeing your sidecar at the Dells rally, I’d say you were perfectly within generally accepted motorcycling norms to be the proud owner of two sidecars.   I’m envious and hope to be on the scoreboard sometime in the future.   Thanks for sharing the campsite….Walt E.



    A little history. In 1995 I bought a 77 r100s and had Kurt Libahaber attach a Velorex sidecar, I paid 2500 for the bike and 1500 for the sidecar, I drove the shit out of this rig for 15 years and loved every minute. Then I saw an Adventure rig and started planning. I had a new 2010 BMW GSA 1200 anniversary, I contacted Claude Stanley and together we started planning, a few months later in June I dropped off my GSA at Claude’s “studio”. Four months later I went back and picked up what to me seemed like a true work of art. In the past two years Ive driven this rig all over the country and its performed better than I ever expected, and still everywhere draws a crowd.                      

    About five years ago I rode a friends Triumph Thruxton and was blown away. If you haven’t tried one you should. Its so different from the scrambler and Bonneville, Im 6′ 180 and this bike fits me perfect. The numbers are not impressive horse power and torque, but if ever there were an example of “Numbers don’t matter” this is it, The first thing is how thin it feels, and I think the motor is great, it always seems like there is gobs of torque and the sound. More than anything you feel like your riding a motorcycle.

    In November I picked a 2012 diablo red thruxton used with 3,000 miles. The bike was better than I remembered. Now I have seven other bikes all great in there own way, why I got the bug to hack the triumphI don’t know. We all know how it goes from here. First you start with every conceivable internet search. Every chance you get browsing scheming planning your next move. As soon as I saw Bill Cozzi’s Youtube, I knew I was cooked. My plan was to buy a cozy sidecar and with Bills help install it myself. Bill was very helpful and would sell me the custome mounts I needed. I purchased  a Cozy canoe and propped it up next to the bike and talked to Bill some more. With each conversation I realized that Bill made so many modifications that I wanted but were beyond my skill level. I decide to bring the bike and car to Bill and have him do the magic.

    After my great experience with Claude I never expected I could have it again. From the moment we first shook hands Bill treated me like an old friend but the best was how intently he listened, and really wanted to know what “I” wanted. He showed me his shop and some examples and we planned it out together. To be honest the good ideas were all his. We did the deal and I was off with a plan to return in three or four weeks.

    Bill sent me pictures and kept me updated, finally it was ready and with truck and trailer I was on my way to New Jersey. When I arrived the bike and car were ready and perfect. Bill was like a proud father and seemed as happy as I was. I keep referencing my experience with Claude because he set the bar so high, the kind of genuine American Man that made deals with his handshake.

    Got home late and first thing in the morning started riding and three days later finally took a break (just to write this) So after riding sidecars for 20 years, and reading tons on the subject I am far from expert, in fact compared to many I don’t think I really tune in to subtle handling characteristics etc. Mostly I just hop on and go, I love to tinker, tweak, do maintenance clean polish gawk and such. That said this is my impression with my new Rig. Light and tight, It feels like a cafe racer and you feel like one riding it. at 85 mph you can’t even tell its there. The bike seems every bit as fast and nimble as before. One of the great things Bill does is lower the car a few inches, this makes a big difference, while riding it seems smaller and when parked you see more of the bike. The last thing I want to do is sound like a commercial for Cozzi sidecars, but I can’t help it. I paid 7,000 dollars for the bike, the Cozy sidecar new was 3,200. For Bill to do the install, with frame mods, custom fender, really cool retro windshield, paint to match bike, pinstripe, lights, 16 inch sidecar wheel, shock, and so much more (all in 4 weeks) was about three grand. So for about 13,500 I got a jaw dropping sidecar rig that could be featured in a show and is capable of riding anywhere at any speed in all day comfort. Thanks Bill








    [/quote]Sorry, I was unable to post a pic, I did try. There is one on the BMW MOA site under the sidecar thread




    Hell no it’s not wrong, it’s Right!  I’ve been all over in mine.  You either love em or hate em and I’m hooked.  My rig will follow me to the grave.  Keep em flyin!


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