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    Hello to the BMW RA Chartered Clubs and their Members:
    I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Michael Johnston; I am the Interim Club Coordinator for the BMW Rider Association International or in other words the BMW RA I would like to ask you or your clubs a question. What can the BMW RA do for your club? I would also like to invite all the Chartered Clubs and their Members to the 37th BMW RA 2009 International Rally in Canaan Valley, WV July 23-26. While there attending this great rally site myself and Debbi Harbour, the President of the BMW RA, will be facilitating a Q&A about this very question. This informal gathering will be held on Saturday July 25 at 9 am -11 am. This gathering is open to all Clubs and their Members. Come and join us for some coffee and donuts and share your thoughts, ideas, and experiences. We want to know what is working, what is not, or what you or your club would like to see changed. We aim to improve the communication between the BMW RA and your club. I would like to provide some of our services that are available to your club.
    1. The BMW RA will create new logos for any chartered club wanting assistance in this area.
    2. Official affiliation recognition with a “BMW RA Chartered Club Certificate”.
    3. The RA will list your club event in the Rally Map published in the OTL and the BMW RA web site. Grow your club event by letting others know when and where it is.
    4. One free, quarter page or two eighth page rally ads per charter year in OTL. Let riders know you welcome them and what a great time you are offering at your event.
    5. Every charter year you may request a free BMW RA gift membership — a great way to recognize a club member’s hard work, or give it away as a door prize at your next event
    6. Chartered Clubs may display an official BMW RA banner at events. Show others that you are proud to be a BMW RA Chartered Club.
    7. The RA will assist with organizing an International Rally hosted by your Chartered Club and share the profits. If you live in a great Riding Area and want to show it off while bolstering your club’s treasury, consider this.
    8. BMW RA “Intel” items, that are periodically posted on the RA web site, will be e-mailed directly to your club newsletter editor to publish, or announce at a meeting. Yep, a direct pipeline of the latest intelligence direct from the OTL Editors to your club.
    9. If your club is having a rally or other function the RA is happy to donate some door prize for your event.
    So if you cannot attend this rally please email me at [email][/email] with your comments or questions.

    Michael Johnston
    BMW RA Interim Club Coordinator

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