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    I received this from Peter Sexton of the Northern Illinois club. The landslide is between Gatlanburg and Cherokee N.C. [U][url][/url][/U].
    The bright side is the contractor has a scheduled completion date of May 15th. [U][url][/url][/U].
    I sure hope so. It looks like a great road from the northwest to Asheville.



    I spoke with some of the officials in Cherokee yesterday and was told it may reopen Monday, April 15th, a full month ahead of schedule. They are supposed to be repaving today.



    441 opened last week, April 16th I think. Seems Harrah’s casino was losing so much revenue the helped Uncle Sam pay for it!



    The contractor got a $.5 million bonus for completing the reconstruction well ahead of schedule. We were down there earlier this month and did the entire length from Gatlinburg to Cherokee.



    Having that streach of 411 closed is a BIG headache for the Smokey Mt Park. Long way around to get to the other side of the park as 411 runs right through the middle. Don’t know where ti is closed, but from the TN state line around I 40 to Gatlanburg is over 2 hours

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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