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    Hi folks,

    I am writing to make you aware of a special event we have coming up in two weeks… Its our one and only “Adventure Bike Nite” in the Mid – Atlantic region this summer.

    You may remember that last month, RawHyde hosted a string of “Adventure Bike Nights” in the Southern States; and now we’re excited to be at the Ruddy Duck Brewery and Grill in Dowell, Maryland on August 15th for an evening of Adventure Camaraderie. We have a great connection to the Ruddy Duck because my friend Carlos Yanez ( a fellow adventure rider) is the owner and those of you who attended our Mines & Meadows Rally a while back may remember the selection of Ruddy Duck Brews being served at the Dakar Bar. ( Its very, very good stuff)…

    So…. the RawHyde Road Crew—Lance & Shawn—will be at the Ruddy Duck on the 15th at 6:00pm with a truck and trailer full of Adventure bikes, gear, apparel and equipment. This is part of the ADV Life program we launched a few months ago… We want to continue spreading the word about the world of Adventure Riding! We will provide free food and drinks, talk bikes and equipment, and have a Raffle at the end of the night with some really cool prizes… (grin)! This will be a fun night… Please join us.

    The grand prize in the raffle will be a free pass to our “Adventure Camp” in California. This prize will be awarded to the person who has traveled the furthest to join us. Please register for the prizes when you show up.

    Here are the specifics:

    ADVENTURE Bike Night – Dowell, Maryland -Wednesday, August 15th @ 6:00pm at:

    Ruddy Duck Brewery & Grill
    13200 Dowell Rd.
    Dowell, Maryland 20629

    For more info, Contact:

    Shawn Thomas – RawHyde Adventures
    (661) 993-1586

    Carlos Yanez – Ruddy Duck
    (410) 394-3825

    If you’re able to make it, we’d love to have you come by to say hi and bring your bike with you. If we have our way, the entire parking lot of the Ruddy Duck will be cram-packed with Adventure bikes… Come and show your support… Bring some friends, have some food and drink with us, and have a good time…

    That’s it for now folks, hope you can make it to Maryland… Cheers, Jim Hyde

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