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    Mike White

    Good idea. Thanks. You can get the small hoops at Ace Hardware.





    I offer the following method of modifying the inside of the top lids (left, right and top trunk) to better hold a variety of items.

    Total cost: $25.00 for all three hard cases What Bags: BMW Factory Aluminum Bags, and perhaps many other brands of side/top cases

    Why: Ease of access to things inside of the cases and to keep stuff from falling out

    Process: Attach the nylon attachment points with epoxy glue versus drilling to attach the holders. Devcon Epoxy color Cream

    Netting: Use camping tent pole elasticized shock cord to provide stretch-tension to keep things in place

    Cord: Available at specialty camping stores usually at 30 cents per foot.

    Nylon Hoop Pad Eyes: $2.75 for package of six from Selectesigns K081310-1 Everett Washington USA 425-252-2149

    Pad Eyes Purchase: Most likely you will have to order from a retail store, Selectdesigns does not sell direct

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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