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    I hadn’t ridden from Hudson Ohio out west for 3 years., the last time on one of the new Triumph Bonnevilles. This time was a solo ride on my 1991 R100GS along the northern route, via lower Michigan and west across the U.P, Minnesota, North Dakota, and into Montana. Made it as far as Lewistown, when I decided I was about as tired as my old R100GS now with 122,000 miles on the odometer, still on the original driveshaft, rings, and engine top end(s). (I bought this bike from Andy Pelc’s dealership, in 1991.) Headed south through Beartooth Pass and into Cody,WY, then to Bear Lake, Utah. Spectacular roads and scenery.

    Decided to return via I 80 (for some reason I felt like I needed to get home), so I tortured the old bike with 3 days of 600 miles each on the slab. Slight vibes at the western Indiana border turned to some real shake rattle and roll by the time I pulled into my driveway.

    I pulled the driveshaft, found that it had finally given up, so shipped it off to Mitch at Machine Service Industry in Green Bank, WI. Talked with him today. The four bolt yoke was destroyed, but due to the “kindness of strangers”, he was able to provide a donor yoke from a junked shaft left with him for parts by another Beemer rider. He installed the damage-free yoke, no charge, as he installed new U-joints. I thanked him for his generosity. His comment “Post a note on one of the forums and thank whoever left the shaft with me.”

    So, whoever you are ….. a great big ‘thanks’!

    Bob Gilligan
    MOA 56434
    RA 15456

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