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    What would be really funny, besides publicly admitting your hooliganism, would be if someone had a digital copy of the picture and posted it here in the “practical jokes” thread. I guess since one may not be totally sure the other pictures don’t still exist that it would be dangerous to publish any of them.


    Stop acting like juvenile delinquents… if you really want to do something exciting…why don’t you jump in Lake Superior at 2:00 in the morning….and I’ll have a camera ready….ooooh, what about shrinkage??? Oh, that’s why they have such good beer at rallies….to compensate for shrinkage!!


    I know BMW rallies aren’t the most exciting rallies in the world, come on, you have to admit the crowd can be conservative at times. That’s why it’s fun to play some (safe)practical jokes on those camping around you. My brother thinks it’s funny to take a picture of me while I’m at the urinal. haha. So I got him back this past summer in West Bend by waiting until he was in his tent and then I set up my camera to take a picture of me sitting on his bike with only my boots on. I had to leave something on, it’s chilly at 2 in the morning. Can you imagine how happy he was to get the picture in his email several days later? Just a side note, alcohol played absolutely no role. Why do they have such good beer at rallies? Anyone else have fun jokes to play on each other to spice up the campground?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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