Found at Rally during clean-up!

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    We found 2 BMW Jacket liners at the rally during clean-up. Contact us if they are yours.


    Bob Alexander



    Here are some more “Lost and Found” items. Not certain if some of these are still applicable but thought I’d put them out there.

    LOST! Serengeti men’s sunglasses in the beer tent Saturday night. Contact Mark Doggett at [email][/email] or call 414.313.9885

    LOST! Size 45 New Balance Brown Hiking Shoes. Contact Dan Wise, 5216 Knob Hill Lt, Minnetonka, MN 55345. Phone 952.934.2221

    LOST! Willie-X sunglasses. Contact Wanda at 262.377.5315.

    LOST! Canon Camera beige case in Roots Bag. Call Vic Bobinski at 647.899.8490

    LOST! Black folding cane. Call Jerry at 920.602.1500

    FOUND. Key in registration parking lot. Key says ilco/DA34-P. Contact Tina at 414.313.9883 or [email][/email]



    I lost my DL at the beer tent. Lucky it had my name on it.:biggrin



    I lost my virginity!

    LOL. Sorry, I couldn’t help it.

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