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    [QUOTE=scada]This will be my first International Rally. I signed up for the camping option.

    Are the campsites on the Biltmore Estate itself?
    What are the facilities (bathrooms showers?)
    What time can we start arriving and setting up?
    Can we park our bikes next to the tents?

    I am planning on taking 2 weeks off from work and spending at least 10 days in the Blue Ridge Parkway area.[/QUOTE]

    Let’s hope weather is warmer than last years rally at Copper Mountain, CO. Great rally, but it got below freezing every night. Don’t miss Mt Evans if you ever get out to this area. Far more of a thrill ride than Pikes Peak. The riding around Asheville should be great as well.


    Here is another question: I am planning my route on my GPS. Where are we actually camping? What road do we take to get the campsite? I’ve never been to the Biltmore Estate.


    scada – here are a couple answers to your questions, not official ones since its still early in the game, but hopefully this helps.

    First thing to do is visit Registration at [URL=”http://eurosportasheville.com”%5DEurosport Asheville[/URL], the local BMW dealer.

    There is only one way in and out of the Biltmore Estates… the main entrance.

    [URL=”http://goo.gl/maps/9Kolm”%5DThis map shows the location of Eurosport Asheville and the easiest way to access the Biltmore Estates.[/URL] Yes, there is a more direct route, but the link shows you how to avoid all the traffic lights and stop/go. This is a pretty dense area that can get busy at times.

    The rally site is at the far southern end of the estate, alongside the French Broad river. Once you get into the estate, you will be directed to the area. You’ll ride a beautiful 1-way road past the mansion and its gardens, winding though the woods. Very easy to find. N35 31.868 W82 33.449 should get you pretty close.

    The camping is a huge grassy field with some shade.

    The facilities will include port-johns and shower trailers. I believe you will be able to park your bike next to your tent.

    Arrival and check in will need an answer from a rally official.

    Watch this space for information about all the fantastic riding in the area. What do you ride?



    Visian; thank you for the info. I am very excited hence my asking questions so early. I’ve only recently gotten into motorcycle camping and am surprised at how much I enjoy it especially the local rallies.


    Hey Ian, Is Rally Central at a different place than the 07 Rally?


    Looking forward to the rally. Had a blast last time, except for the shower situation. Hope the planning for this years rally will take into account that the MOA is 3,000miles away this year and there will be a lot of people there.

    Thought I saw somewhere that camping will be in a different place than last time. We liked it last time, our neighbors sucked but you’ll have that.

    As the rally is about 45 min from home we may bring the cage and the bike so we can bring more stuff. Don’t know if we’ll have a hitch for the K by then. If we do then it will be bike only. Either way look for Bozo’s big top.

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    Will there be a camping section that has electricity for CPAP users? How early will campers be allowed in? Volunteers/non-volunteers?


    Greetings to everyone and I am happy to hear that folks are coming to the Biltmore Estate. I think Ian answered many questions, but maybe I can help. We are actually camping on the Biltmore Estate. The rally site is the same as 2007, but for those who attended in 07, as you are facing the site, flip it. Where we had the vendors, entertainment, etc last time, was, in my opinion, a better camping area, with more shade and much nicer grass. This time we can use that nice area for our camping and the vendors, etc will be on the other side, where we camped last time. And yes you will be able to park your bike in your camp spot.

    We will have a special area with electricity for those who need it for CPAP, etc. And we will have shower trailers, porta potties as we did last time, but we learned a very valuable lesson in 07 and will do better this year.

    The site will be open on Wednesday, June 19th to set up and will need volunteers to help out. Volunteer and get in early!

    The rally website is almost ready to roll out and will have both the Biltmore Map and rally site map included. Keep checking. And keep posting questions, I am here to answer your questions!

    2013 Rally Co-Chair


    [QUOTE=*SHAG* »]Hey Ian, Is Rally Central at a different place than the 07 Rally?[/QUOTE]

    Hey Shag, good to see you here. Debbi answered your question above… just know that you have to go to Eurosport Asheville first to register and then ride into the Biltmore.

    I hope you ride with us and get that bad boy GS dirty! :biggrin

    Watch for more information about that coming soon.



    [QUOTE=Debbi Harbour »]The rally site is the same as 2007, but for those who attended in 07, as you are facing the site, flip it. Where we had the vendors, entertainment, etc last time, was, in my opinion, a better camping area, with more shade and much nicer grass.
    2013 Rally Co-Chair[/QUOTE]

    That is a great move to flip the areas. My wife and I even talked about that we were camping on the wrong side in 07.

    Do I understand it correctly that rally registration will be at Eurosport Asheville, meaning that volunteers for registration will have to go there for their shift?

    Can’t wait for June!


    I couldn’t agree more about the camping area. I think it will work much nicer. Yes, you heard correctly. Currently we are planning to have Registration at Eurosport Asheville. If you remember, in 2007 it was at the Welcome Center on the estate. We had on-going issues all during the rally which caused some interruptions in registrations. This time we felt that since the dealership is only three-four blocks from the entrance to the estate, we could house Registration there, either indoors or outdoors. The owner, Thomas, has given us our choice! The dealership will be the Registration site for motorcycles and cars only. We will be using the sales office at the estate main entrance for vendor registration, cars/trucks with trailers, motor homes, etc. They are built for larger vehicles and can pull large trailers through their parking lot. That will take any congestion away from the dealership. We are also working with the Asheville Police department on traffic control. Our main objective is for everyone to be safe.

    Debbi Harbour
    2013 Rally Co-Chair

    “Four wheels move the body, two move the soul”


    A great big congratulations to Ian Schmeisser, the rally GS event coordinator for receiving the “Friend of the Marque” award. This award is given by the International Council of Clubs. The standards are very high for the recipient. Well deserved Ian. Thanks for all you do for the BMW community.
    Tina Doggett


    Hi all!
    This will be our first BMWRA rally. We made hotel reservations yesterday. My wife and I are looking forward to it.
    Is there any place in the website where we can learn about the activities within the rally (schedules, contests, list of vendors, etc.)? Or similar information from previous ones? The reason we ask is because we can only stay in Asheville for 3 days only and we certainly don’t want to miss nothing special. Although we should be returning home on Sat, we may need to adjust hotel reservations.
    Ride safe.
    PS. We second Tina in congratulating Ian Schmeisser for his Int`l Council award.


    Is there any area for campers towed behind cars on the Biltmore property? If there is how do we make space reservations. Thanks


    We will be posting the information regarding vendors, awards, and schedules as they develop on the rally website. If you are interested in the schedule from the 2007 rally, email me at [email]rallyinfo@bmwra.org[/email] and I can send you that schedule.

    Three days? Not enough time!

    Rally Co-Chair

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