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    Too politically correct, if you ask me …


    In fact, for the US market in 2008 BMW was essentially selling ’07 models (not that there was a difference). And the 800S is still in other markets.

    What are your thoughts on the F800S? OTL liked it, possibly better than the ST but the ST sold far better. Is it the lack of bags, forcing people to either have another bike for touring or else buy a different bike for an only bike? BMW has certainly sold several bikes recently which were marketed specifically without luggage. Now they are all gone, or nearly so (the R1200S, Xchallenge, and Xmoto are gone and the Xcountry will probably only last another year. All bagless bike, and those are ALL of the bagless bikes other than the HPs).

    What market forces affect your potential decision to buy an F800S? If you bought one, what do you think of it?

    As a footnote, if you want one, get it now.


    Is a very nice bike that has to be seen to be appreciated, the pictures online and in the magazines don’t do it justice. I was picking up my 2009 G650GS when my son spotted it and sat on it. He wanted to sell his Yamaha TW200 ASAP and buy the Xcountry. As for the F800S I did not like the sport bike riding position but love the idea of a belt drive BMW. I don’t understand not covering the belt and wheel sprocket completely to protect it from stones. The 2003 Honda Silver Wing I traded to Max BMW for the G650GS had a completely enclosed belt drive system that was too simple to maintain, just change the belt every 16,000 miles, if necessary. I would have that bike still if I could afford more than one bike and someplace to put it.


    I think anyone looking to buy a “S” bike for it’s intended purpose would probably be looking at the many 600 Supersports. But the “ST” is perfect at it’s intended purpose and most of the competition doesn’t measure up.

    Then again it could be just the bags. Every BMW recently sold without bags eventually had an option.


    [QUOTE=MarkF »]Then again it could be just the bags. Every BMW recently sold without bags eventually had an option.[/QUOTE]

    +1. I really think it is the bags. I sat on both models at the IMS. I remember thinking that the ST was more comfortable, the position felt more upright. While I didn’t spend enough time on it to give a real review, I liked the ergos on that bike.

    A friend of mine (Nancy) has an ST and she, after having it lowered with aftermarket suspension, LOVES that bike.


    Have put 200 miles on an 800S from two days of having it as a service loaner. I thought it was a fine bike. Comfy. Light weight. Plenty of giddy-up and go for street sport riding. Believe the styling was a little ho-hum. Kinda uninspiring to ride. I think the strategy was to offer a BMW sporting model at a lower price point… perhaps for younger riders, introducing them to the marquee. Reality was it appealed to only a few riders.

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