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    Gr8 story, Gr8Dane.


    Glad you chased them down. Bet your adrenaline was flowing big time.

    Objects thrown from a moving vehicle have an incredible amount of force. Sufficient to kill someone. A neighbor’s kid was cuffed for tossing a tomato onto an on-coming truck. The tomato went right through the truck’s windshield. Anyone who has tried to break through a windshield knows how tough that is to accomplish.


    I love my BMW. She’s a 2003 K 1200 GT, we’ve been pals since April of 2004. We do everything: commute, tour, track days! yes, I take the ‘bagger’ to the track and beat up on crotch rockets. Such fun should be illegal! Mulholland Highway and the Malibu Canyons are my local rides. I usually find a new friend or two on every ride and always run into old compadres. Love it. Recently, there has been a rash of stupidity in this area, bikers crashing and worse. The PR is not good. CHP has stepped up patrolling the area, tickets are being written for every imaginable infraction, right down to, and including missing side reflectors etc. I understand the logic: Harass the idiots enough, and they will leave. But when you need a cop, they are no-where to be found, right ?

    Thus this tongue-in cheek diatribe: Have you ever found yourself egged-on to do things that seemed like a fun at the time, but turned out to be profoundly stupid ? I think we all know the answer to that one, LOL.

    On Mulholland, this past Sunday: I had parked my bike a few hundred feet away and was pointing my Nikon towards the Ocean. Suddenly, I hear the sound of screeching tires: A Honda Fit, loaded up with 4 baby hooligans comes screaming around the corner. The one riding shot gun launches an egg at me ! Yes, I had been egged – on! My blood boiling, I forget all about taking pictures. I want revenge! As I start running towards my bike, an extended finger emerges from the car. :poke You can guess which one. By the time I get to my bike, they are speeding away. I get my helmet on, gloves on, charge down the road. Baby Hooligans are GONE! I am furious! I get to intersection of Mulholland and Kanaan-Dume. My best guess is they probably turned right, so that’s what I do. Turns out my hunch was dead accurate! They were right in front of me. Stopped by the side of the road – right behind them was a CHP cruiser. :hurray Oh what fun! Getting nailed for 84 in a 45mph zone sucks! Especially when you are a minor. Their day just went from bad to worse when they saw me pull up in front of them. My verbal coms aren’t fit for print, :cuss I sure got everyone’s attention, including the cop. The kid confessed on the spot. Cop was ready to hook him up and cart him off to jail. Apparently, throwing eggs at people is considered assault. Can you say poetic justice ?

    In the past, I have been let off the hook with a stern warning, :nono keeping that in mind, I declined to press charges. The kid was visibly shaking in his pants when he apologized. I told him there would be a whole country full of motorcyclists looking for him if he ever did anything like that again. My one regret is that I didn’t have my go-pro cam with me. That would have gone viral on you-tube!

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