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    Well said, I agree it is worth looking into.


    Will pass along the info to the large team of publishing staff at OTL so they can place it on their massive agenda. Actually, would it not be even more green to simply make OTL an electronic magazine?

    Dan Wright

    [QUOTE=Adam Arcane »] Actually, would it not be even more green to simply make OTL an electronic magazine?[/QUOTE]
    OTL for Kindle….sounds great to me!


    [QUOTE=Adam Arcane »]WilSNIP… Actually, would it not be even more green to simply make OTL an electronic magazine?[/QUOTE] Probably. I think an e-copy would be a great option for some, but there are many times when life’s moments are more conducive to sitting with a good magazine than sitting in front of a computer. YMMV


    I think the option of having an e-copy is a fabulous idea. It certainly isn’t for everyone. Guess I’m included. Showing my age. But I would love to see this as an option. I may be opening a big can of worms here but… goes. I find it’s much easier on the eyes to read magazines that are not on glossy paper. May be a good idea to research the cost of uncoated paper that is recycled but my experience has been that recycled paper does cost more. Just sharing.


    Sweetpea, treat yourself to some bitchin’ reading glasses, and a nice, muted reading lamp. The coated paper makes the mag more substantial, and gives it a feeling of longevity. I like the coated paper, although it’s worthless in the outhouse…


    If you use the old trick of vigorously rubbing / crushing the pages many times, it becomes more plyable and soft.


    Just renewed my membership – I think it’s a little over 5 yrs now and like the way the club is going, even though I kinda miss the old ‘homey’ atmosphere, the overall change is for the better. I think it could be even better if the RA began publishing using ecofriendly processes such as recycled paper and low volatile organic compound (VOC) inks. We’re riders, not enviro-wackos, but many of us understand that being good stewards of the environment preserves our lifestyle and enhances our image. We also can understand that there are many benefits in going green by saving trees and reducing wastes and harmful emissions. I hope the RA will seriously check into costs and benefits and see if it can step up and make a difference by producing a environmentally friendly publication.

    Here are a couple of links to kick start the thought process (I have no affiliation other than in addition to riding my R1150GS, I ride mother earth too):

    Future Mark Video: [video=youtube;PyxlPRlsR8M] [/video]

    Keep up the good work.

    Chesapeake Bay Watershed

    Mountain Rider

    [QUOTE=kocook »]If you use the old trick of vigorously rubbing / crushing the pages many times, it becomes more plyable and soft.[/QUOTE]

    :wink :):):)


    [I][/I][B]DONT RUB TO HARD, all you will find is a clay coating, glue and green fiber.[/B]

    Wow, Lets talk about recycling, I was (still am) involved with the printing of the MAGAZINE OTL. I have spent 45 years in the printing of publication and packaging. In fact, I ended up owing and operating a 100 person printing plant. Fortunately I sold the Company to ride my motorcycle.

    Maybe I can help answer some concerns on the fine magazine that we struggle to produce every issue.
    1. The paper is a #2 coated 70lb gloss which has some recycled fiber as almost all papers have. The sheet is coated with a coating made with natural earth clay and a glue made from vegetables. It is totally recyclable. Though I am sure most reader keep the mag until their children will one day take them to recycling. Paper is very important, the #2 sheet is the lowest you can go and get good color, clarity, and true reproduction. No lower grades are available that will do the job at a reasonable price. Paper is extremely important as it must take ink, fold, be mailed, not yellow and keep around for a long time. OTL Uses one of the best papers for the job. Using a true recycled paper that is coated would require a different printing process, format and style, one that would not fit the member’s needs. There is no 100% recycled paper. except for corrugated. Even newsprint, which comes from Canada in huge quantities, is mostly virgin pulp. Without the long virgin fibers from pine and the short virgin fibers from hardwoods, all printable papers require virgin pulp to hold together in the printing process. By the way, we grow more trees than we cut each year and sell a lot of pulp, virgin and recycled, to China and Japan.

    Inks Used in the OTL printing process are all SOY BEAN based, there are very few inks in the market place that are not. T Shirts, Hats, Decals etc are different and many are true petro chemical based though some may be water based. However, printing by the Lithographic method requires a oil base and hence the SOY oil based inks. The Pigments and dryers, like all pigments/dryers that are made for paints, plastics, or printing are all “cracked” from petroleum. There is no other way except growing indigo plants and squeezing flowers to get pigments.

    The printing process of lithography has undergone a tremendous upgrading and constant improvement over the last 50 year, Paper trim, used inks, press cleaning solvents, aluminum printing plates, are all recycled and are regularly purchased to be made into new paper, printing plates, in the case of used inks, well, they are burned in power plants or are processed into road tars, or even made into black ink for other printing processes.

    Most everything that can be recycled by the printer is, even the OTL Magazine will one day wipe your butt or be made into a box that will carry your Depends to the nursing home.

    PS E-Copies are great, will you take it with you?

    Hope this helps….eX PRINTER AND R1200RT Pilot:hurray

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