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    I made a series of maintenance videos when I performed my annual maintenance this year. My hope is that they can be used for those new/old owners out there who would like to have a visual reference as to how to do some of the service on the LT.
    Not every detail or technique is covered in them but it is a start and I hope it encourages people to work on their own bikes. I will post more videos when the time comes to do additional service on my bike.

    I posted them on our BMW club website to hopefully draw more interest to it.
    Instructional videos for the LT [URL=”http://www.illinoisbmwriders.com/instructional-videos/15-k-bikes”]http://www.illinoisbmwriders.com/instructional-videos/15-k-bikes[/URL]


    Another club member made the videos for the RT here [URL=”http://www.illinoisbmwriders.com/instructional-videos/16-r-bikes”]http://www.illinoisbmwriders.com/instructional-videos/16-r-bikes[/URL]

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