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    I’ll start one. This is specifically about our online efforts.

    We tested a new process this year. We had a database containing preregistration, registration and awards information for all attendees. Each attendee could be entered from scratch or could be looked up using their RA membership info.

    It worked – as far as I can tell – except that there is still too much of a bottleneck during on-site registration. Having more pre-registrations or more ways to look people up (to avoid having to enter all of their info) will go a long way toward fixing this. Another big help will be when people can enter their own info at kiosks.

    We were supposed to have kiosks but the vendor never showed up. That’s just unacceptable.

    [B]Lesson: Get a contract for everything.[/B]

    A supplement to preregistration, ‘pre-fill’, never materialized. Part of this is that we kept accepting preregistrations until just a few days before the rally. I think we can easily finish and implement this part. The idea is that people can fill in their information in advance, even if they aren’t sure they will attend. If they show up, their record is already complete and all we have to do is log them in.

    [B]We need attendees to do their own awards data entry one way or another.[/B] Pre-registration, pre-fill, and at on-site kiosks (we need all three). We could even give a dollar discount to people for whom we have to do nothing but check them in.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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