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    A friend and I are riding to the Rally together but he is not coming straight back home after the Rally. He is going on to Washington State for a vacation and then on to the MOA Rally in Wyoming. I live in the Southwestern end of Virginia and am looking for someone to ride back with me. I’m near where I-77 and I-81 meet which is also near East Tennessee, Southwestern West Virginia and Western North Carolina.

    If anyone is coming this way, let me know. I’m not fond of riding alone that far away from home in case I have trouble.



    I’m leaving the rally Sunday a.m. for central NC. Depending on weather, traffic and other uncertainties I’ll do it in a day or maybe two. I’m loafing on the way up, but will do an Xway special home. Don’t mind company.


    Although work may force a change, currently I plan to leave Northern VA on Wed 5/21, spend the night with a friend just past Cleveland and meander up to Houghton Thur and Fri. Return is planned to start Sunday and maybe make it back to friend’s house Sunday night or maybe Monday with return to VA by Tuesday. Welcome to join up if you want.

    Should know more about the impact of work by 6/9 at the latest.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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