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    YES!!! This is a wonderful area for the rally!!! Many thanks to the rally organizers!! They get all sorts of greif, but do a great job anyway!!! See everyone there. Dutch (Leinkugle beer, really? YeeHaa!!!)


    I just got back from a day-trip to check out the rally site, since I’ll be in charge of security again. First, the important stuff – the rally site is maybe a half-mile stroll from the Leinie Lodge, which is next door to the brewery. The walk back to the site is uphill, but not as severe as it was in Houghton. The site is enclosed with a fence, there is a graveyard adjacent to one border, a school adjacent to the entrance, pretty flat area, some trees (conifers, mostly), and an area that will make a great biergarten, since that is how it’s labeled. There is one area inside the fence apparently set up for RV’s (not many). Something I was looking for in particular were external 110VAC outlets for people (like me) with CPAP’s. I did see a few places from which power outlets might be tapped, and arrangements have been made. Stand by for further developments. Otherwise looks like a nice place.


    If this IS true then this is a great place to have a rally. The octoberfest is held at the fairground in town. there is trees to camp under/around lots of good camping space lots of out buildings. A great local brewery,Leinkugle brewery. Let me know if someone wants a pre site picture of the grounds cause i’m 1 1/2 hours from there.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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