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    BMW Motorrad Club Northern Illinois will be leading a ride of its members to the RA Rally at the Biltmore Estate this June. We are leaving the 19th and returning the 24th. If anyone would like to join us, we would love the company. We have started a thread about it on our own club forum [URL=”″%5DHERE%5B/URL%5D that includes the details along with downloadable Garmin routes of the ride there and rides we will be planning during our stay.

    Come on out and join us, or hook up with us once we are there and join in our ride. One of our club members is from the area so our rides will be much more than just going to “The Dragon”! There are a ton of roads just as good and a LOT less crowded. (read as less cops, and less stunt-rider-wanna-bees)

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