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    [QUOTE=oilhead05rt »]The water in the French Broad is ice cold even in August.:eek:
    Adds even more meaning to the term “shrinkage”.;)[/QUOTE]

    YES it is. Dumpped a canoe a little upstream of Masrhall a few years ago. It was basically pinned to some rocks and after about 40 minutes in the water cold cold had a new meaning:eek: .


    Most of the water in the area (especially in Pisgah National Forest) stays at about 54F. Cold. Winter or summer.

    I was a lifeguard at Sliding Rock while in college. It paid the bills, and I hauled the touristas out regularly. 10″ of water at the top, 8′ at the bottom, and cold deep. Folks from warmer climates would absolutely freak hitting the water – and often flail their way into a panic. It didn’t disturb the trout though (big ‘uns lurk among the folks freaking to get out of the water).

    I thought that was cold until I went swimming at Palmer Station in Antarctica. The sea water doesn’t freeze until 28F due to the salinity, so it was COLD.

    Nothing seems to compare now.


    For additiona details, go back up and see my post under RV camping. 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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