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    I was in search of a such a place to hangout with friends. And I guess “Bucksnort” is the one I should go for.



    BSS is till open and the road has been improved! 6 of us road there yesterday from Copper. It’s about 2 hours one-way. Get to the historic town of Pine Grove and watch for the sign..it’s about a mile from Pine Grove. Turn at the library.


    Outback Ufo

    Dont forget to duck when walking into the joint… low door…:wink It is easiest reached via riding through Breckenridge over Hoosier Pass then turning east on 285 at Fairplay and riding over Kenoshia Pass and then turning south on S Elk Creek road (at Pine Junction, colorado) just east of Bailey…. dont remember it being dirt… thought it was a chip n seal road… lot has changes since the big forest fires in 2006 down there.

    Or turn south on Pine Valley road (CR 126) to Pine, Colorado and turn north.

    Yep about 2 hrs ride out to it depending on traffic on 285



    The “Bucksnort” is a neat place for a ride, burger, and one Beer. I’m guessing it’s a nice two hour ride from the rally. It’s on a small dirt road and was the former site of a silver mine. I found the place about 25 years ago and stop by anytimes I get close.


    Bob Alexander

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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