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    Upgraded?  The bike bristles with the best BMW has to offer.  This isn’t a homologated race bike; it’s a take off on the clip-onned, race crouch track bike that BMW homologated for WSBK.  The ‘single R’ is perhaps the best, most powerful, comfortable, ingenious street bike BMW ever made for one reason – because it’s all about fun and it’ll punish almost anything else on your Sunday hooligan ride in the right hands.  Is it selling?  Hell yes!  In fact I heard BMW simply didn’t build enough of them, and they’re sold out until who knows when; maybe winter.  Probably winter.  What the grizzled bear-faced heck does BMW have to do to make an upgraded S1000R – a bike that virtually none of us can ride at its maximum potential?  Gold plated triple trees?  Cloisonne hub caps?  Endangered species seat leather?  I’m too old for this bike.  My hooning around days are gone like snow on the water.  But I’d love this bike on some brain-ridge roads far away from ticket-writing road vampires…


    my brother heard it would be around 25k, or so.


    Adjustable traction control & ‘dynamic suspension’. The first is mandatory. The second is interesting. Don’t think it is AMA ready, but could be a player in the club racing scene.


    OK, the ultimate superbike-with-a-license-plate, the S1000RR, has just been upstaged by the 4th in line at the ultra trick, ultra expensive “HP” line up of BMWs.
    The HP4 is the S1000RR that comes to you ready to compete in AMA Pro Racing Superbike! I have no idea what the cost will be, but I tip my hat to the staff at OTL mag which predicted this very thing several issues ago. These guys must have some sort of insider in Germany, like Hellman did. I hope OTL will have photos in their next issue along with the full scoop, because this is a very cool thing.

    AND, no matter what BMW charge for the thing, it’ll be better, faster, and far cheaper than Ducati’s Desmosedici street-legal GP bike, selling for around $75K!

    BMW is on a roll. What’s next? An electric scooter with an integral 12V beer stein?


    Is there any upgraded model of it available in the market???

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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