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    In 2011, I’m pretty sure BMW will back a top flight AMA team. An established team with proven techs and riders. They will want to go right to the top. The bike will do it no problem. Kinks have been ironed out for the most part. The power is uncanny; we’ve seen 196 rwhp with pump gas, and N8! says he’s seen 200. That in a mostly stock mill.
    The WSB team still struggles, because we’re talking about tenths of a second here, things that are affected by track temp, weather, and many miniscule factors. Still, the team’s right on where they were shooting for in ’10. Top 5’s. Next season they’ll climb up another increment. The bike is THAT good. It’s the best of the class.

    I hear you about SPEED; yet they’re giving more coverage to WSB and roadracing coverage is well done. Next season we’ll see an S1000RR competing in AMA Superbike. Remember, NA isn’t the only market BMW feeds on, and we’re 60% cruiser-based. The new K1600GT will blow your mind. The K-LT is gone. There are even pithy rumors that the Concept 6 just might be brought to market. BMW has the money and the inclination to show off. It’s a good time to be a rider.

    Recently, Motorcycle Consumer News tested (in the current issue – see the date of this post) the FJR1300, the Kawasaki 1400 something or other and the Honda VFR1200. They used a 2010 R1200GS as the “camera mule”. Well, guess what? The camera mule bike blew the rest off the road. The best selling 1200GS is a superb motorcycle, and hats off to tough sell editors/testers at MCN for telling it like it is. That is one tought group of machines to best, but the GS did it. I’ve never before seen anything like this in MCN, which sells NO ADS and kisses no fannies. Remarkable test!



    The bike is undoubtedly superb in street trim relative to the competition. Winning in WSB also requires superb pilots and racecraft (from the team and rider). I think they’ll get a few podiums in 2010 but outright wins??? Well if the stars align … perhaps. Let’s face it … Troy Corser is getting long in the tooth. I always liked him and continue to do so but note he didn’t win on the Yamaha in 2008 while his teamate Haga managed to do so. He’s gonna have to beat Biaggi, Fabrizio and a few other upstarts (but at least Spies is not there). I’m hoping for some ‘Synergy’ with his riding style and the S1000RR development. And speaking of racecraft … they now have TARDOZZI! That could cetainly put them over the edge and shows that BMW is serious about winning.

    Adam, as an aside … the superior electronics will certainly help mere mortals ride a potent Superbike. But the laws of Physics have not been suspended. One can certainly end up in touble with too enthusiastic a throttle hand.



    Hey all; We plan on stopping at our “local” BMW shop this weekend. Hope to get a look at the new bike. Looking forward to that… As far as Corser goes, Yes, he’s no spring chicken, but he’s not all that long in the tooth either. I think hes got a few good years left, as as an developmental rider, you couldn’t get much better. As far as the electronics go, doesn’t everyone have about the same stuff now? Still waiting for some brave team to go with the BMW for daytona superbike.. Looking forward to this season. Dutch



    It seems the WSBK BMW team(s) are getting it together.
    The race 2 that had both in 1-2 laST corner and got taken out….Well Max said it like it is. “That’s racing”!



    I just read in the latest issue of the OTL that BMW does plan on competing in the AMA superbike series next year (could they mean THIS year?) This could be interesting. With Spies and Mladin both gone, does this leave the series wide open, and will the Beemer make the cut? Almost wish I had Speed vision just for the bike race’s. Via con Dios, Dutch

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