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    This is a really cool slideshow by Bill Dragoo, one of this years GS Trophy in South Africa team.



    Latest BMW Press release on the subject: 3 Man teams, and a working application link!

    BMW Motorrad USA Invites GS Owners to Defend U.S. Title in 2010 BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy Challenge

    Selection Process Will Be Held April 29-May 2 During Adventure Riders/GS
    Challenge at RawHyde Adventures

    Woodcliff Lake, NJ – March 15, 2010…BMW Motorrad USA is calling upon all of its dirt-loving enduro riders to help defend the U.S. Team championship in the 2010 BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy. The world-famous biennial International GS Trophy returns in November, with three riders selected from each of several countries around the world to compete on new R 1200 GS bikes for victory in a vicious series of off-road competitions and challenges in exotic and faraway South Africa.

    Two BMW GS owners and one journalist will be selected from the USA for this once-in-a-lifetime, all expenses paid trip.* Their selection will be made during the Adventure Riders/GS Challenge at the RawHyde Adventures facility in Southern California from April 29 – May 2.* This year’s “Double Jeopardy” event at RawHyde is now revamped to include two sequences: the Adventure Riders Challenge, open to all enduro riders, and the GS Challenge qualifier from which two BMW riders will be selected to compete in South Africa.

    “The competition finalists will not only need strength and endurance, superior riding skills and guts, but they must also be able to navigate their route ahead, pace themselves and collaborate with teammates,” commented Laurence Kuykendahl, Community and Communications Manager for BMW Motorrad USA. “It also helps to have a sense of humor under adversity,” Kuykendahl added, “because, after all, this is all about fun, isn’t it?”

    Interested BMW GS riders can learn more about the Adventure Riders Challenge and how they can participate in the competition to ride (and win) in South Africa by visiting
    [url][/url] or emailing [email][/email]. Registration forms can be downloaded from: [url][/url].



    Looks like its game on… they are going to be choosing some or maybe all of the members of this years US team for the GS Trophy in South Africa!

    Hallo, Goeie dag, Zdravstvuite, Ciao, Konnichi wa, Heehee, Buenos dias, G’day!

    Those words may look strange to you, but those will be the morning greetings among the competitors around the bivouac at the BMW International GS Trophy in South Africa this fall, and you could be there. To get there all it takes is a BMW GS, a moderate amount of riding skill, the ability to work as a team, and your fierce determination.

    photo: Every two years, BMW Motorrad hosts a 10 day, international skills competition for amateur riders, or in BMW’s own words, “Ambitious hobby riders”. Riding BMW F800GS’s and working as a team with your fellow countrymen, you will compete against amateur teams from countries spanning the globe. You’ll face ten days of river crossings, hill climbs, sand dunes, mechanical challenges, and cross county navigational tests designed to test your ingenuity, determination, and riding skills. This is not a race, but a journey to determine which country gets to claim the title of “World’s Toughest Adventure Riders”.

    Do you have what it takes?

    In 2008, the U.S. Trophy team met all challengers in the sand dunes of Tunisia. For 10 days they attacked deep sand, carried their bikes to the top of tall dunes, completed mechanical tests using only the tools under their seats, and devised solutions to problems created by a team of international judges. Each night Team USA would pitch their tents in the ruggedly beautiful desert with their fellow international competitors. With a good hot dinner under their belts, they’d recount the challenges of the day, and get ready for another day of world class competition. When the thick Tunisian dust finally cleared, Team USA stood alone on the top of the finisher’s podium with gold around their necks.

    BMW motorrad international GS trophy2010 has arrived! Will Team USA retain their title of World’s Toughest Adventure Riders? The time to find out is now!

    RawHyde Adventures will host this year’s International GS Trophy Challenge selection process on Saturday May 1st. The Trophy team selection will be held in conjunction with the Adventure Riders Challenge, and you must enter the “Challenge” in order to compete for the GS Trophy. On Day 1 of the Challenge competitors will move from event to event, accumulating scores which will be totaled at the end of the day. After the first day of competition, the 20 riders with the best scores will be given the opportunity to compete the following day for a spot on Team USA in South Africa.

    For the Trophy competition, the 20 finalists will challenge the events on the same motorcycle which will be provided by RawHyde. It is important to note that BMW wishes for an absolutely level playing field among the competitors, so each rider will be assigned a BMW “school bike” to perform their skills challenges with. They will not be using their own bikes. All competitors will ride identical bikes in the competition. This will ensure that the rider’s final score will be based on their personal skills, not on an advantage of one motorcycle over another.

    The format for this year’sTrophy selection is simple.

    Each contestant starts out with the same goal in mind, to complete the various events with the least amount of penalty points. Penalty points are assigned if a rider touches the ground with his foot, exceeds the maximum time allowed for a specific event or drops his/her bike or goes out of bounds. Fundamentally, there will be two forms of exercises: skills challenges (riding events) and technical challenges (both personal and motorcycle related).

    The Skills Challenges will consist of 11 defined tasks such as completing several back to back lock out turns within a limited space, or riding the length of a 6×6 timber or climbing a hill without touching the ground. None of the riding events are speed oriented and are instead events which require good balance, slow speed control of your bike, and the ability to access terrain and make good decisions accordingly.

    Technical challenges may range from changing tires, to electrical fault diagnosis, to navigational skills tests. There may also be simple physical skills tests which do not require the use of a motorcycle, such as wood sawing or a ropes course. These events allow less skilled riders to accumulate points comparable to competitors with elevated riding skills.

    In the world of adventure riding there are many skills that are necessary to be a good well rounded rider. It is every bit as important to have the ability to keep your motorcycle in good mechanical condition as it is to have good riding skills. The BMW GS Trophy Challenge will mirror these real world needs.

    It is also important to note that BMW states, “Since this is an adventure event, participants should be expected to travel to the venue on their own motorcycles and stay in their own tents”. In other words, Trophy Competitors will not be allowed to trailer their bikes to the event, and they will not be allowed to camp in RV’s or trailers. BMW also states “Participants are required to hold a driving license which is valid at the time of the event and possess a registered BMW GS in sound technical condition.” While in South Africa competing for Team USA, all the competitors from the various countries will be required to sleep in tents each night. As such, those riders competing for a spot on Team USA will also be required to sleep in tents during their time at RawHyde. RawHyde will designate a tenting area that all GS Trophy competitors must use during the competition. Proper facilities will be provided.

    The three riders with the best final accumulated score will be designated Team USA, and will compete in the BMW GS Trophy in South Africa in the fall of 2010. Are you going to be there? Do you have what it takes? The stakes are high… do you want a shot? The only way to find out is to sign up now for the BMW GS Trophy, April 29 – May 2.

    What are you waiting for?

    Not that I’m allowed to participate as a competitor this year, but I;m having trouble with the applicaiton PDF:



    From ADVRIDER:

    “Bill [Dragoo] is going to Africa… he took Second.

    Iain Glynn from Touratech up in WA took first…

    will have to get to my notes from the event to see whom was third. They do have three back-ups… the course was very nicely set up as a true skills test course… not like the renegade run course that was more as the first day eliminator… though only 40 total qualified people competed for the second day skills test.”


    Okay… got to my notes.

    third was Shannon Markle (spell)… dont know where from

    For the Renegade Run from the first day.

    Tom Meier on a HP2 won the RR
    Bill Dragoo took second
    Roger Egger took third

    Hawk White got the HARD LUCK AWARD… he cased his 1200gs in the trench

    btw way… i personal crashed out after re-entry from low orbit… forgot i was at sea level and not 8000ft and did not have to give the bike gass to get over things i have a lot of fotos to get through here is a couple

    nice water/mud pit shot




    That first picture is nuts. Who is that standing the 1150 nearly upright?


    Thats Mike- (OutbackUFO)

    He crashed pretty good and didnt finish the trials, but man that guy has heart! He has some more pics, and is going to be writing an article for OTL about the challenge.

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