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    Been thinking on it a little more, and I think if you cant take first, that a couple of 3rd place finishes is not too shabby, after all 😀

    Frans Verhoeven’s Picasa web albums:



    I know, I love this thread. More pics from Verhoeven, who is now well and truly out of the race.

    from ADV:


    “andreJ54” writes:

    “Just received a quick phone call from Frans, he just jumped out of the heli that picked him up around 70 kms before the finish.
    He believes the outlet valve overheated and he could not repain the Beemer.”

    Someone else reports the same thing happened to a G450X at Heroes Legend this year. Some one went through three motors, and the service crew transported it to the finish line and pushed it across. Bummer. 🙁 Looks like as good an eduro bike as it is, it is having trouble with the rallye raid format. Perhaps BMW knew this and it is why they are not pursuing a Dakar team.


    I am pretty sure that leaves just two BMWs left out of six that started.. here is Bianchi Prata, keeping the hope alive for a BMW to finish this rallye.


    He finished 24th on todays stage, the 12th, and is running 33rd overall.

    Also still out there fighting for a finish is Soler running 42nd overall after finishing 82nd, today.




    Quoted from ADV, which is the Premier Dakar news source these days.

    Despite severel reactions regarding the BMW G450X blocks of Frans Verhoeven …. he wanted to respond …..

    Untill further notice there was only 1 block that has failed and that would be the one that died on thursday. Frans is now in the port of Lima to examine what the problem is. Then he will repair the bike with one of the other blocks that were changed. He still is convinced that it is only a small detail.
    He wants to emphasize the fact that the 2 other blocks are still okay, the first one was changed because of the swingarm problem and the second one was just changed during the restday because of reasons of precaution re the oil spill the day before …
    Later, when he is back in Holland he will respond to the questions that you all have re the BMW blocks.

    I would like to add the following on a personal note:
    KTM has been developping “a” rally bike for many years before getting some result. Only after the withdrawal of BMW after 2001 they became sussesfull, any old guys that still remember the days of Auriol-Rahier (our Belgian legend) and Richard Sainct. They were all riding the big fat BMW that was ruling the Dakar for many years.
    I have great respect for the FV team that managd to build a “dakar” bike from a tiny 450cc bike in less then 3 months. Hopefully this will be the start of a project to continue for next year.



    Standing at the end:


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