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    Leaving So. VT. monday the 4th.:D


    Went to the Burlington, VT rally last year. What a beautiful ride that was, I stayed with friends in Eagles Nest, NY near Norman Rockwell’s home in Arlington.

    What route are you taking when you leave?



    Who is in charge of the website? the calendar ends Dec. 2006. Not even the Rally this June is there…HELLO>


    [QUOTE=OldBMWMaster »]Who is in charge of the website? the calendar ends Dec. 2006. Not even the Rally this June is there…HELLO>[/QUOTE]

    We are too busy keeping the info on the 2007 Biltmore rally going and current.:rolleyes: 😎


    Anyone doing the Dragon on Saturday?


    [QUOTE=hadababyitsabeemer »]Anyone doing the Dragon on Saturday?[/QUOTE]

    I plan on doing the Dragon during my visit to NC…I heard weekends are really busy…of course I have to get to Asheville, NC…first.



    Don’t do the Dragon on Saturday! It’s way too crowded. You will encounter rude sports bike riders of all colors and persuasions whose testosterone levels are only exceeded by their stupidity. If that’s not enough, you will have to put up with slow cruiser types trying desperately to not drag their running boards as they ride in preposterous groups of twenty or more at a time.

    Stop at the little store. Get the tee shirt and then high-tail it away in the opposite direction. Hwy 28 between there and Franklin is a much better road and so much nicer to ride.


    hmmm…I did the dragon in ’04 on a saturday, that was the only time I was able to have time to ride it and I enjoyed it. Yes, route 28 is a very nice road to travel.

    I am the one of the cruiser people you speak of, but I do not worry if I scrape my boards. It doesn’t matter to me if I go over the speed limit as long as I am being responsible, because stupidity is abundant depending on a riders mentality. I am sure we, as riders, have encountered rude riders almost everywhere we have traveled.

    If someone wants to speed because they think others have too slow of a bike, then they should go to track day. I know that I chose my bike on what I enjoy in a ride as others do when they choose what they want to ride.

    Anywho, I can’t wait to get on the road for the Rally:D


    [QUOTE=Boxer »]Don’t do the Dragon on Saturday! It’s way too crowded. [/QUOTE]

    I first found the dragon by accident in, I think, 1981. For a long time it was a great ride. Now it’s crowded EVERY day. The last time I was there 2 years ago was on a Monday. LOTS of bikes cars etc.. I was at the store with my E-trex stupid GPS and it said 100 miles (as the crow flies) to home. 5 hours later I got home with a sore left ankle the next day from shifting 😀 .

    Anyway the point is that with all of the great roads in Western NC 129 is low on my list of must ride places.


    Here we go sports fans!! It is THAT time of the season to gearup for some fantastic riding when we leave for the RA Rally.

    John Acton and I will be leaving Silver Spring, MD @ 4am traveling 66 to 29 south to Lynchberg, VA. Jump on 460 to the BRP.

    If time allows us the opportunity as an alternative route, get on 24 to 122 where we can crossover Smith Mountain Lake bridge. Then take rt40 towards Barefoot, get on 6mile post Rd to the BRP.

    I am stoked and ready for this ride!!!:D

    We are going to try to be at the Biltmore Estates by 6pm.


    What Day ???????????????????????:confused:


    Thursday June 7th

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