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    Bob I just got back from riding dirt bikes in the Silverton – Lake City area of Colorado and I rode the divide road last month from Silver City NM. to I40 on my fully loaded 07 GS. The road in New Mexico was fine a little rough in the Gilla for me on a fully loaded GS but I made it on 80/20 type tires running about 25 psi. The trails in the Silverton Colorado area are as rough as I have seen them I did not care to try them on a loaded GS; they were hard enough on a real dirt bike. Knobbies are best off road but I would suggest going with the 80/20s and if the divide trail gets to rough turn around and by pass that part. The problem most likely won’t be your tires, but the 500+lb bike with 100lbs of gear your riding. Best of luck.


    I also suggest you stick with the 80/20 tires, unless your really trying to get off the road completely.


    I plan to ride the Continental Divide on a BMW R1200GS next month and would like some opinions on tires. Yes, I have already heard that the GS is too big of a bike for the divide but it’s the only bike I’ve got and besides, me on ANY bike becomes a heavy bike.

    I currently run Michelin anakee 2s which my understanding is that this is an 80% pavement / 20% off-pavement tire. I’m wondering if for this trip I should convert to a 50/50 tire (semi knobby). What are your thoughts?

    Currently when I am running off pavement is loose gravel and sand, I typically just run a lower air pressure. (about 20 – 25 psi) and that seems to help a lot.

    I have been told that the only advantage to knobbies is when the road is muddy and that I would be best to stay with my 80/20 tires and to detour around muddy areas. Do you agree with this?

    Thoughts, opinions, etc. – Thanks

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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