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    Another plug for the PR3s. Just had a set spooned on to my ’12 RT after having put a few thousand miles on a set on my previous bike. Great handling in dry and wet conditions and they should outperform and outlast the set of stocker Bridgestones (I guess mine did OK – I got about 7K miles out of them, but they deteriorated quickly).


    Pirelli Angel GT are the best tires in my view. I have been using them from 3 years and they delivered the best performance for me till date.


    I commute daily and often in the wet on PR3’s. There is nothing like that tire for handling wet, slippery surfaces. Have also used them at the track & twisties of AR. They are more than adequate for that task. Michelin has recently announced the PR4 which is expected to be as good in the wet, but with a slight advantage in the dry. Also, the PR4-GT has a stiffer casing for heavily loaded machines and will come standard on new RTs.


    Not having tried the Pirelli Angels or the Michelins, I can’t comment on those – BUT I and my 03 K 1200 GT have been Metzeler Z6 fans for almost 9 years. I ride hard: My front tire invariably gets worn on the left side before the middle and I rarely get  more than 2000 miles out of the rears. Tried the Metzeler Z8 and that evaporated right before my eyes. Then a miracle happened : Dunlop Roadsmart II !  Wow! 4500 miles out of the rear and every bit of grip the Metzelers have.  A recent tire – test suggests the Dunlops are the best tire for the K 1600 – I forget which magazine it was ?   Anyhow, I’m sold on the Dunlops!  and I would predict that most riders could get 10 k miles out of a set. I even met a 82 year old Honda Goldwing 1800 rider who had 20 k miles on his Dunlops, but he doesn’t carve many canyons  smiley


    Welcome to the forum Karl. Thanks for posting. I think you will get a number of suggestions on this question so here’s mine.
    I’m on my third 1200 RT and prefer Michelin Pilot Roads. The PR2 has now been replaced with the PR3 and I like the dual compound of the tire. I typically get about 9,000-10,000 out of a rear tire riding solo long distance.
    Keep your eye on this thread to see other opinions and make yourself familiar with the various pages of our website. We hope to launch our “new” website in the next month or so. I’ve seen it and it looks fantastic. I think you’ll like it.


    We also have our 3rd RT. Just bought a 2013 90th Anniversary. We had the PR2’s and have had success with them. Had the Pr3’s for a short time on our 2005 but traded the bike. That tire is getting rave reviews and is what we will put on the 2013 when the stock Bridgestones wear out.



    Three weeks ago, I became the proud owner of a new RT. I’m looking for informed recommendations on good replacement tires for this bike. I’m looking for tires good for at least 10,000 miles but with considerably more stick than the ME 880’s. For what it’s worth, I’ve run through several sets of Tourances on an ’05 GS and consider them a decent compromise. A while back, I ran a couple of sets of ME Z4s on a Honda ST 1100 and really liked their grip, although I never got more than 7000 out of a rear. If someone has a tire they consider to be exceptionally good for this bike, I’d love to hear from you.

    Thanks, Karl


    Try the new Pirelli Angel GT tires… Fantastic!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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